Famous brand fined 2.38 million yuan!

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On the morning of January 31, The Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Supervision issued an administrative penalty decision to Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., LTD on January 21. The case investigators found thatEstee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. is suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China by releasing advertisements containing “young index +77%”, “soft index +17% smooth index +20% transparent index +15%” and other contents through multiple channels.It was ordered to stop publishing illegal advertisements, eliminate the influence within the corresponding scope, and fined 2,381,671 million yuan.According to the investigation, during October 2019 to December 19, 2019, in order to promote Terun Repair Muscle Penetration Essence product,Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., LTD., through a number of other channels, released the main content of “young index +77%” and “soft +17% smooth +20% bright +15%” and other products to show the efficacy of the video or print advertising, attached with small words.It was also found that the above advertising content was based on the clinical report issued by the third-party testing laboratory entrusted by the party concerned.After verification of clinical reports, it has been found that the efficacy of “youth index +77%”, “soft +17% smooth +20% bright +15%” and other functions advertised in the above advertisements are based on the research data obtained from samples of different ages under certain restrictions and combined with the use of sunscreen products.The participants referred to the whole concept of “youth” as a partial index of the recovery of the number of skin metabolites.By experts discussion meeting and visit a professional organizations and professionals found that the number of species recover skin metabolites is not the same as the degree of the skin young, and a sample of age metabolites to the skin, smooth degree, smooth degree, has a great influence on degree of luster bright, age, skin condition improved, the more obvious effect.At the same time, the consumer survey results show that the small print in the advertisements involved in the case is not enough to make consumers fully aware of the true meaning and prerequisite conditions of the efficacy of relevant products, and the advertising content has a substantial impact on consumers’ purchasing behavior.Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., LTD. ‘s behavior violates article 4, Paragraph 1 and Article 28, paragraph 2 of paragraph 2 of the Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China.According to the advertisement law of the People’s Republic of China, the first paragraph of article 55 of the administrative punishment law of the People’s Republic of China and the provisions specified in the first paragraph of article 32 of the parties to cease his illegal advertising, eliminate the effects in the corresponding scope, and decided to make administrative punishments are as follows: advertising costs twice as much as a fine, the RMB ErBai SAN she Wan Yi thousand hundred suhuang lu yuan.Article content such as copyright infringement and other problems please contact this number we will deal with in time