“Entertainment second generation” Zhang Ruoyun: had been old lai father pit miserable, now eventually into a line of top flow xiaosheng

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When it comes to the hottest actor, Zhang Ruoyun is definitely on the list.Zhang Ruoyun is very popular in this period of time because of the hot broadcast of “Fierce Sword in snow”.Although “The Sword in the Snow” after the release of word-of-mouth polarization, but still defects;It is a good costume drama.At a time when costume dramas are in decline;The release of The Sword of the Shrew in the Snow is undoubtedly a continuation of domestic wuxia dramas;Many strength of the old drama bone to join this play, coupled with zhang Ruoyun’s popularity;As soon as the show was released, it became a hot search and the ratings firmly occupied the top spot.To achieve such achievements, Zhang ruoyun has experienced many low points before.Apart from the romance with Tang Yixin;Zhang’s relationship with his father Zhang Jian is also a hot topic on the Internet.Zhang ruoyun’s father, Zhang Jian, is a famous director.No problem is the entertainment of the second generation, Zhang Ruoyun also really because of the father’s relationship received a lot of preferential treatment;But compared with directors like Chen Kaige, who are focused on paving the way for his son, Zhang Jian is more of a dud.Zhang’s father, Zhang Jian, was not even present at zhang’s wedding.You can see how bad the relationship between father and son has become;Today we come to understand the road to fame of zhang Ruoyun of the second generation of entertainment.As for Zhang Ruoyun, netizens probably first got to know him in snow Leopard.Zhang played the role of Zhou Weiguo’s younger brother, and it happened to be Zhang who directed Snow Leopard.Zhang ruoyun got the part because of his father.Because this drama Zhang Ruoyun also circle a lot of fans, slowly become familiar with people.During this time the father and son were on good terms;His parents divorced when Zhang was two years old;Zhang Ruoyun lives with his father, but his father is too busy.So Zhang stays with his grandparents most of the time;Zhang Ruoyun, who has lacked paternal and maternal love since childhood, is sensitive.Fortunately, zhang’s grandparents gave him enough care and education;His grandfather was a famous geologist, and there was a formula named after his grandfather;This formula is called “Zhang Zhixin formula”, which shows how great his grandfather is;However, this formula to the development of later times after the invalid, also useless.In Zhang’s mind, he could only see his father during the Spring Festival.Mother even less, because mother is abroad;So as long as he could remember, he saw his mother only once, maybe seven or eight years ago;So zhang Ruoyun is very sensitive and lonely.With such a famous director’s father, Zhang didn’t start out in the entertainment industry;Because his father had been in the entertainment industry for so long, he knew how deep the water was;So I didn’t want him to go into entertainment, but Zhang Ruoyun in high school;His interest as an actor was aroused by his unexpected appearance in the play Sea Vow.In this way, Zhang ruoyun applied for the Beijing Film Academy.Zhang Ruoyun, who stepped into the door of the entertainment circle, had excellent resources at the beginning;Starred with Li Chen and Wang Likun in the TV drama The Hairdresser;Then he made his name starring in his father’s Snow Leopard.When snow Leopard was made, there was no place for Zhang;But Zhang didn’t shy away from the fact that his father planned the drama.She went straight to the set, hoping her father would give her a part;At Zhang Ruoyun’s request, Zhang Jian considered or agreed to Zhang Ruoyun.Over the course of snow Leopard, the relationship between father and son improved;Zhang also signed a contract with his father’s company;It seemed that everything was going well, and that year Zhang Ruoyun also met Tang Yixin;It also happens that the two people know each other because of the rear-end incident, and they are enemies at the beginning;Accidentally bumped into and became a couple.Just in the film and television circle Zhang Ruoyun has been lukewarm, although there has been a good work;But is not fire, most of the time is also a supporting role;This made Zhang see his limitations and want to escape from his father’s embrace;Started going out to play on his own.Facts proved that Zhang’s choice was correct.Shot a number of films and TV plays very well polished their own acting;At last, zhang Ruoyun became red and thoroughly red when he was shooting “Celebrating The Years of Life”.It was his reward for years of effort.2016 was zhang’s busiest year, with six dramas to shoot.This would have been a joyful event, but Zhang wasn’t happy at the time;The reason is that his father signed an agreement with another company in his name;The company gave him 140 million yuan, but Zhang wanted to shoot four TV series for the two companies.Zhang didn’t get a dime of the 140 million yuan fund;After getting the funding, Zhang jian prepared to shoot huo Qubing;It is said to be tailored for Zhang, but the number of episodes is too long;With 92 episodes, and another historical epic, it’s a bottomless pit;The 140 million yuan fund soon ran out, and Zhang jian had no choice but to become a Lao Lai.Because it was signed in the name of Zhang Ruoyun, so when the hole in the capital is getting bigger and bigger;Trouble came for Zhang. On his wedding day, Zhang’s assets were frozen;That’s why Zhang Jian didn’t show up at his son’s wedding, which he did.In this way, Zhang’s relationship with his father broke up;What’s worse, before they got married, Tang Yixin was robbed because of wu Xiubo’s affair.There is a rumor in Wu Xiubo’s harem, Tang Yixin is one of them;It is suspected that people on the set said that the two had done indescribable things in private.Such remarks suddenly put Tang Yixin on the cusp of the storm;After a storm, the two married and now have a child;In 2019, Zhang Ruoyun starred in “Celebration of Life”, which won many awards;It was a bumper year, and he sent a meaningful tweet in the evening;You can see he still has a lot of anger towards his father.After all, he divorced his mother as a child and later married a stepmother;I didn’t manage him much when I was a kid;Growing up with his grandparents, it was natural for him to resent his father;When I grew up, I thought I could communicate with my father, but this happened again.In this way, Zhang Jian’s father is obviously unqualified.Fortunately, without relying on his father, Zhang is now forging his own path.Now he has been the top of the line, all kinds of costume films and TV dramas have him;Soon, “Celebration of Life 2” will be released again, and then Zhang Ruoyun will be a big fan.Now he can say that all kinds of good resources get soft.I wonder if his father, Zhang Jian, will regret how he treated his son when he saw zhang’s development.Now Zhang ruoyun would not help his father repay his debts even if he had the money;Zhang Jian deserves what he deserves.Now Zhang Ruoyun himself is a father, I believe that in the busy work;Zhang ruoyun will also spare time to accompany his children;Don’t let your children’s childhood be like yours;I also hope that Zhang Ruoyun can bring more excellent film and television works.Code word is not easy, I hope I can give xiaobian a point of praise point of attention.