Crazy sports also crazy intraday up 21% to sell Asian bank shares for more than $100 million

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Financial Union news (Shanghai, editor Hu Jiarong), in the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger on Friday, crazy Sports (00082.HK) rose sharply after the opening, really caused market concern, as of press, the company rose 20.97% to close at HK $0.375.Crazy sports as a digital entertainment community operators, is also the official game of the only senior partner in the super league, the business includes spending and operating around the sports knowledge of sports contest platform, online payment platform, the social interaction live platform, mobile phone game applications, as well as services provided lottery sales through retail channels in China.The trigger for today’s big rally was not mad Sports Main but an announcement that it was selling its stake in The Asian Bank.According to the announcement, Smart Token, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mad Sports, Asia Bank and its existing shareholders (the seller) have entered into a general agreement with Ammbr Limited (the buyer) of the United Arab Emirates.Smart Token holds 77,619,400 shares of Asia Bank, equivalent to 45.49 per cent of the bank’s outstanding shares, for a total initial investment of about $36.8 million.Under the agreement, the seller conditionally agrees to sell its holdings in The Bank and the Buyer will form a new company and through two subscription of 137.5 million Shares of the Bank, of which Smart Token agrees to sell a total of 62,552,000 shares at a cash offering price of US $2 per share sold.In addition to the shareholder sale of Asia Bank, the bank plans to issue new shares to the buyer’s new company through three subscriptions totaling 37.5 million shares for a total cash subscription price of $56 million.After the completion of the sale, The Asian Bank will no longer be an affiliate of Crazy Sports, and the remaining relevant rights and interests of the Asian Bank will be listed as other financial assets of the company.The sale will result in a one-off gain of about HK $1.11bn to Crazy sports’ financial statements.Mad Sports will receive $116 million in the deal, which will be used to develop its digital sports and entertainment business, strategic investments, the group’s general working capital, and a special dividend, the announcement said.The European Union and the United States resume shellfish trade. France has 241,049 new confirmed cases of COVID-19. The cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeds 20.38 million.0.12 times the price-to-book ratio of the bank, in the end is fragrant or smelly?Spatial agglomeration of banking in regional finance balances economic cohesion to a certain extent. How long does online bank transfer usually take?Knowing this to prevent being cheated Why do stocks fall instead of rising when good news is released?Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: