Zhu Yi was net violence because of play failure, how to look at the Olympic Games on the field of various “mistakes”?

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Gu Ailing’s victory in the women’s freestyle platform final and many stories about her on and off the track went viral online this week, with netizens lavishing endless applause and praise on the 19-year-old.Of course, when Chinese athletes win gold MEDALS, everyone is happy, but athletes are also bound to encounter unsatisfactory results.In recent days, there has also been some dissonance outside the stadium, with some pointing fingers at athletes who have underperformed in the Winter Olympics.For example, gu Ailing’s age is similar to another young player Zhu Yi, because of the loss and the network public opinion pressure should not have.As it happened, Zhu Yi failed to perform well in the women’s single short program at the team figure skating championships on February 6, ranking the bottom.Soon after, online “Zhu Yi fell”, “Zhu Yi’s Winter Olympics debut is not perfect” and even “Zhu Yi did not accept the Interview of Chinese media”, “Zhu Yi can not speak Chinese” and other rumors.Some net friends said ugly words, here will not say.Not only Zhu Yi, but also short track speed skaters have been criticized by netizens for missing out on the semifinals in recent days.The question is, do losing players mean they’re not trying?Do you deserve to be vilified like this?Take Zhu Yi for example. Gu called for leniency after the match, because Zhu yi wants better results than anyone else.In fact, this point from Zhu Yi’s performance on the field can also be seen.In the day’s free skating competition, zhu Yi’s three spins were rated as 4, reaching the top level, although two of her jumps were obviously wrong.And she jump in original plan even wrong, the original three weeks after the frost, instead of three weeks after the frost after two weeks, even dance, to a certain extent, make up for the loss of the basis points.It can be seen that although there are mistakes, Zhu Yi is still trying his best to adjust his state and strive for the best results. This spirit of unyielding and never giving up is just an interpretation of the spirit of sports, isn’t it?If you have done your best, why should you be judged?You know, in many cases, the physical pain caused by training is probably far less than the psychological trauma caused by losing and cyberbullying.Zhu Yi said frankly that what people say on the Internet affects her.As public opinion continues to ferment, weibo and Douyin have cracked down on the slander of winter Olympics athletes, which has also attracted the attention of relevant online platforms.The douyin Security Center recently released a statement saying that some accounts have slandering, insulting, attacking and spreading false rumors about The Athletes of the Winter Olympics through comments or private messages. It has blocked and removed 6,780 illegal videos and comments, and targeted 331 accounts that engaged in abusive behavior, inciting conflict and online abuse.Depending on the severity of the violation, the punishment will be silence or account closure.Sina Weibo also announced that it will clean up 41,473 illegal posts related to the Winter Olympics, and impose a 30-day to permanent silence ban on 850 accounts, depending on the severity of the situation.In fact, this is not the first time we have seen the phenomenon of Internet abuse against athletes.At last year’s Tokyo Olympics, Chinese air pistol athlete Wang Luyao had a similar experience.On the morning of July 24 last year, the first gold medal of the Tokyo Olympics was won by Yang Qian, a Chinese woman born in the 2000s.Yang’s teammate Wang Luyao, who was also a gold medal favorite, failed to perform at her normal level during the qualifying round and missed the final.After the match, Wang posted on her social media platform: “I’m sorry, everyone. I admit I lost it. See you in three years.”It was accompanied by a selfie of herself in pajamas.However, wang’s apology didn’t bring comfort to her, and instead drew criticism from netizens.Some accused her of failing to summarize well and Posting selfies.Some thought her choice of words was too bad to use the word “shed”;Some netizens even mocked her, saying, “How big of a heart! Will you still have a place in the national team in three years?”Unable to bear the disturbance, Wang deleted the post.In a competition, there is only one champion and a few can win a medal. Of course, the winners deserve applause, but those who lose also deserve respect and understanding.It not only goes against the Olympic spirit, but also hurts the athletes’ hearts.Accepting any result on the field is part of the growth of athletes, and it is also the basic quality that spectators should have when watching sports games.We need to allow players to make mistakes, but we also need to treat referees’ mistakes rationally.A few days ago, there was a huge controversy over a decision made in the Winter Olympics.Su Yiming, 17, won the silver medal in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 7, setting a new record for China in the event.However, eagle-eyed Internet users noticed that Canada’s Max Parrott, the gold medalist, had made a mistake in grabbing the board during the race without being penalised.The referee, Itzhak Sumathic, admitted the next day that his team had missed The error and that by the time they realised it, the score had already been submitted and could not be changed.The news immediately shot to the top of weibo’s trending list.Some analysts said China’s Su Yiming would have won the gold medal if the judges had spotted the mistake.Therefore, many netizens want Su to appeal and try to change the result of the competition.But according to experts, it may not be easy.On the one hand, according to the rules, appeals can only appeal their own results, and not appeal the results of other players.On the other hand, judging from previous Olympic cases, it is extremely rare for MEDALS to be withdrawn, unless major issues such as the use of banned substances are involved.So, facing such a regrettable result, how does Su yiming herself view it?In fact, when the referee disputes appeared, Su Yi sound just respond that no pay special attention to network public opinion and score, but the results have been very satisfied, “no matter what, we all have a very good time, Max is really done a good action, but in the final, everyone is the first name.”In response to the grading controversy, Su’s coach, Yasuhiro Sato, also wrote in an open letter, “Sometimes people make mistakes, and it’s natural.Please end all criticism of the judges in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final.””This result may be the motivation for Su to train harder in the future.Most importantly, our goal was for Su to give her all and give her best, and we feel very satisfied that we have done that.”Both Su’s response and that of his coach were magnificent, showing a sportsmanship that smiles at victory and defeats.It’s a sign that a generation of young athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics are looking for more than just MEDALS. They’re respecting every result and heartily saluting their opponents for every challenge.We do not “only gold theory”, but also will not lose the heart of winning!These days of the Winter Olympic Games, let us see the cruelty of competitive sports: after all, this is the human movement, whether athletes or judges, as long as it is a person, there will be all kinds of mistakes.But then again, the cruelty of competitive sports is part of its appeal.It doesn’t matter if there are mistakes, what matters is how we treat them.After all, the Olympics are a truly big stage, with much more to offer the world than gold MEDALS and winning or losing.Of course, we are not saying that the gold medal is not important, of course, the gold medal is important, it is the symbol of the highest honor in the athlete’s career, but also the people of the whole country eagerly look forward to.Therefore, we do not “only gold”, but we will not lose the heart of winning.Perhaps, this is the mature performance of a country’s sports culture.Live this moment