Who can’t share the world?Guo Rugui and Liu Fei scold each other: you are “total spy”!It turns out to be both

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Article | easier to edit | GuWang wonders said during the liberation war, Chiang kai-shek’s army of millions of defeat by our army.Our army was outnumbered and outequipped. Apart from our superb combat art, another reason for our ability to turn the defeat into victory was that our army had too many inside lines on the side of Old Chiang kai-shek.So much so that Chiang Kai-shek had to lament, “Who in the world can’t share the same lament?”One of the more funny is Guo Rugui and Liu Fei.Both of them, as senior officers in the Nationalist army at that time, went to Chiang Kai-shek and reported that the other party was the communist Party, which turned out to be both of them.What’s going on here?1, the secret front of the soldier Guo Rugui, the reason why there are a lot of people in the Kuomintang is our military informant, an important reason is that the early our army and the national army are the pursuit of progress, so the intersection between each other is very large.But then Chiang kai-shek and his people turned away from this path, and there were a lot of people who were very unhappy with Chiang and turned to our army.Guo Rugui Guo Rugui joined the Whampoa Military Academy in the early years, from this point of view he can also call Chiang Kai-shek a headmaster.But after Chiang kai-shek launched the 412 coup d ‘etat, he saw through the old Chiang kai-shek, and he soon joined the group.In order to deal with Chiang Kai-shek, he also defected to his cousin Guo Ru-tung.As the deputy commander of the Border area of Sichuan and Hubei province at that time, Guo Rudong is also a powerful faction.Guo Rugui wanted to persuade him to stop Chiang Kai-shek’s plan, who knows that although they are Cousins, but the two positions are not the same.In the end, Guo rudong was not only unwilling to deal with Chiang Kai-shek, but also threatened him to hand over the ‘Communist’ list, ready to kill these progressives.Fortunately, Guo Rugui is also clever, and did not tell my cousin his true identity.Kwok only doubted his identity, not knowing that he had already joined the organization in 1928.He went to the Japanese military academy because there was no room for him.However, reading did not read for long, after the September 18 Incident, students in Japan have returned home.Guo rugui had to go to the army university to study.Because at this time he was completely involved in the national military system, if he wanted to join the army, he had to turn his gun on our comrades. He was unwilling to do so and became a war history instructor after graduation, leading a peaceful life.But as a hot-blooded youth, Guo Rugui can not have been so aloof.Especially after Chiang Kai-shek announced the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, he did not want to stay aloof from worldly affairs, but chose to do something.He got the help of a “noble person”, that is Chiang Kai-shek’s side of the popular Chen Cheng.Chen Cheng saw Guo Rugui in Wuhan battle performance is outstanding, so recommended him to do the temporary five division, from then on he gradually stepped into the power center of the military.Because of the War of Resistance against Japan, the active work of Guo Rugui quickly rose to the top of the military, and even once did the director of the department of national Defense operations.He’s in a very important position.When Chiang Kai-shek started the civil war, most of the war plans formulated by Chiang Kai-shek would have been known to him as the director of operations, and some of them might even have been discussed and formulated by him.As our army in the old Chiang kai-shek side of the intelligence personnel, Guo Rugui but sat in such a high position, is how not Chiang Kai-shek found it?This was largely due to his excellent acting skills, which made him look like an ‘anti-communist’ vanguard and looked like a military figure to outsiders.2, extraordinary acting: Guo Rugui seized the key characteristics of the military military among the biggest characteristics is what?He likes to engage in internal fights and party rivalries, often making false accusations against each other and tattling on each other. He has no spirit of unity.Kuo is also focused on creating such an image of herself.At that time, there was a man called Liu Fei, do not know why the Liu Fei is with him.This Guo Rugui is also quite direct, specifically to old Jiang where liu Fei’s black shape.Liu Fei liu Fei is also among the military senior generals, was the deputy chief of staff of the Ministry of National Defense, and Guo Rugui’s position, he often comes into contact with the details of the military battle plan.Even liu Fei knew something that few people, including Chiang Kai-shek, knew.He was also directly involved in the planning of some battles.At that time, our army could almost accurately predict the movements of old Chiang kai-shek’s men every time they deployed.In this case, the military side of nature also began to wake up, Chiang kai-shek began to signal everyone to check the mole.Especially at that time Xu Musheng battle, our army accurately predicted the trend of the military.And at that time the battle plan know only so a few people, which includes with Guo Rugui do not deal with Liu Fei.So Guo Rugui found an opportunity, a person secretly to find Lao Jiang, liu Fei report may be ‘communist’ spies over there.Lao Jiang listened to the interest, ask Guo Rugui you have what evidence?Guo Rugui certainly does not have what accurate evidence to show that liu Fei is really ‘communist party’, if he really has evidence he will not report this comrade.But like all Kuo troops discrediting their rivals, Guo rugui found a false proof: Liu Fei ordered him to stick to Ju County, even though more than 50,000 people in the area were preparing to be transferred.As a result, general Su Yu just made dumplings, and more than 50,000 people were beaten up.Guo Rugui thinks this is Liu Fei deliberately toward our army.And he turned out the history of old accounts, said that liu Fei recommended ‘pig general’ Liu Zhi presided over the Battle of Xu Musheng, this Liu Zhi is a famous incompetent generation, how can bear such a great responsibility?Old Jiang although naturally suspicious, but Guo Rugui this false rhetoric, but he did not feel liu Fei has a problem.If the strategic command error is the words of the communist, then he Chiang Kai-shek most like the communist among the armed forces?After all, old Jiang micro led to the military failure, this is not once or twice.Chiang kai-shek always blamed others, but he knew better.And he also knew guo Rugui and Liu Fei do not deal with, like them to deal with each other, in the military is also very common.Lao Jiang had to comfort Guo Rugui, both encouraged him to ‘prevent’ enthusiasm, and let him still want to do well with colleagues, sent Guo Rugui to go.Who isn’t an Oscar?Liu Fei’s acting still bright eyes Guo Rugui see Lao Jiang does not believe, also had to give up.Guo Rugui let Liu Fei, Liu Fei is not going to let Guo Rugui.A few days later liu Fei quietly came to Chiang’s office, to report Guo Rugui to Chiang is the communist Party.Lao Jiang immediately in the mind an embarrassment: you two this mutual blackness also don’t so obvious good?But Lao Jiang has been supporting ‘anti’ various behaviors, even if it is to know Liu Fei is probably to pour dirty water, Lao Jiang or sink his heart to listen to his reasons.Liu Fei reason is unreliable and, he promised: “guo you a rose too clean, too thrifty, the sofa of home broke several holes Him a patch to sit, we the kuomintang has such · · · · · · “actually Liu Fei this reason also calculate tall, early many more honest official eventually came to our army is in the center;After that, some incorruptible generals chose to submit to the Army after the War of Liberation.But this thing is a little bit ‘xin’, after all, if you really regard this as’ general ‘evidence, it does not force the military officials are corrupt?After hearing this, Lao Jiang was not able to strike a blow and scolded him angrily: “I am also incorruptible. Am I a communist spy?Our party is a revolutionary party. What do we care about food and clothing?”Liu Fei did not think to be clever was sprayed on the face, had to dejectedly back.In fact, he was happy. After all, old Chiang would not have to worry about him.As a matter of fact, he and Guo Rugui are among the top military ‘communist’.But he does not know guo Rukui is his comrade, guo Rukui also does not know he is his comrade.We may feel strange: since are lurking in the top of the military, why the superior don’t tell them, but let them make such a big mistake?This brings us to the intelligence and espionage wars.In fact, there were many people lurking in the Korean army, but they were not connected.This was partly for their own safety, for as long as they were conspiring with each other, they could easily be found out by the wall.If they do not know each other and do not contact each other, then the exposed flaw is smaller.The other is for the security of the intelligence community.They don’t communicate with each other and don’t know each other, which prevents the whole piece from being brought out when one person is discovered.In fact, the superior once hinted at Guo Rugui, told him to do well with Liu Fei, but did not say.It’s safe for both of them to keep their distance.In the end, it’s about accuracy.As a result of the complexity of spy warfare, many people are so-called ‘double agents’, or become double agents in the process.How do you keep the information you get right in this situation?You have to go through different channels to get the information, and then compare the information from different sources.If the information between the two sides is identical, it should prove less of a problem;If there is a difference in intelligence between the two sides, attention must be paid to the security of the investigative intelligence system.However, although there was a ‘big mistake’, because of this incident of blaming each other, Chiang Felt that neither of them was a ‘communist party’.In the end, Chiang was embarrassed by the fact that Guo rose up behind him with three armies and three divisions, and Liu Fei declared a rebellion after the peace talks.Lao Jiang had already gone to the island, and learned that the two henchmen around were actually ‘communist party’, he could not help but get nervous.In fact, they were not the only “communists” around Chiang.Nations division Commander Han Liancheng in the war of Laiwu, let Wang Yaowu gas to Li Xianzhou said dirty words;Fu Zuoyi’s daughter is one of us;Even in Chiang Kai-shek’s presidential palace, there were some of us among the confidential secretaries.No wonder Chiang Kai-shek always failed to win the war. After all, he knew all his movements in advance. How could he continue to fight the war?This is who wins the people wins the world.Lao Jiang did not understand this truth, had to lament: the world who impassability total?