Teahouse plants, nurture perception

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Spring, spring, vernal equinox to the recovery of all things, the earth warming, willows sprout, a lot of trees began to sprout.Even the apricot tree placed at the door of the shop has grown small buds.Today, it’s even more obvious.After a severe winter in the north, it has been standing outside in the cold wind for three or four months and finally sprouted this week.Vibrant appearance, I inquired, is apricot best in the winter outdoors, experience a depressing winter, just conducive to the growth of the next spring.It seems so.Before, I was worried that simple heating wrapped a layer, the whole winter did not water, rely on snow water winter, will dry, and then zhang can not come out.Unexpectedly, the buds flourished, dispelling all my previous concerns.Things full of vitality always bring people a lot of hope and warm feelings.So take advantage of this hot strength, busy shop filled all kinds of empty basin purchase work.I’ve been busy shopping for plants and soil.Every day, I’m either collecting or unpacking packages.Then there’s the hustle and bustle outside the store.The first thing I bought was the fortune tree.The rich tree, commonly known as the lazy man tree, is a plant that can live well without much care.But this kind of plant, the more easy to raise, the more want to raise well, the more bad.I don’t know if you’ve ever raised a fortune tree.Before the Spring Festival, I bought two POTS, a big pole, a small five braid, came to the store when good, leafy, green is very good-looking.Did not lead a week or two, began to appear a variety of symptoms, leaves gradually withered yellow, and then from time to time down.To ask the florist owner, a sentence will not raise the customer sent.I will never buy flowers in this store again.After coming back or find a solution to the wrong symptoms, and then all wither, and then the trunk of the soft collapse.Later, the tree trunk, which showed no signs of life, was discarded.Fortune tree, so accompany me for such a short period of time.Then he said goodbye to me.I have been thinking, the seemingly simple and easy to raise the rich tree, why did not feed it.Then through this buy rich tree on the net, incidentally asked how to raise.Also don’t say, buy back the rich tree not only grow well, but also with detailed instructions on how to keep matters needing attention.For less money, you can also get a good fortune tree alone, and there are detailed parenting tutorials.All you have to do is invest your time, wait for the leafless tree to grow, and watch as it grows lots and lots of green leaves.All in all, it was a good purchase.The only thing left to do is follow the instructions and wait for the leaves to come up.Second, bamboo was purchased.I bought bamboo the year before last. It is a rare species.As a result, after a winter, none of them returned to their green appearance.Many passers-by said it was better to pull out the bare pole.I did not give up, until last summer completely give up, just pulled out the bamboo pole.This year, I went downstairs to ask people how to buy bamboo. It turned out to be divided into southern bamboo and northern bamboo.I made a special confirmation before buying this time, and then bought the four seasons bamboo which is good to feed.After receiving it today, I looked for a place to plant it, and asked the seller specifically when planting it.Don’t say it. Damn it.I told you what to expect and what to expect.Then I deeply lamented that it was the previous planting method and cultivation method that had problems, so that the good bamboo varieties were abandoned.Can not help but sigh with emotion, sometimes seems to be very simple small thing, if not hard, but in accordance with their own take for granted to do, the final result is imaginable.Encounter things, consult more, will let yourself harvest different things.Many people still like to lecture.Don’t let one or two setbacks stop you from gaining insight.Even if it’s a small thing, follow the rules of that small thing.Must not take it for granted, their ignorance of the situation, blindly in accordance with their own good.This is the inspiration that this small matter gives me today, mutual encouragement.If you also like my words, if you also want to taste high-quality Pu ‘er tea, you can get more communication by private letter oh.Disclaimer: all words are original, if there is plagiarism, we will investigate the responsibility.Optimize the creative environment and continue to provide quality content.’.