South Korean drama “ghosts” in which episode she admitted to seeing the sword?

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Korean drama “ghosts”, female chi Enzhuo admitted in the third episode can see the ghost jin Xin chest sword.In fact, she enzhuo pool has been able to see the sword, one is that it is not polite to say it to ghosts, two is she can see ghosts from an early age, not strange to these things, and did not care, so she has not told ghosts.Why should she tell ghosts can see the sword in the “ghosts”, the set of the ghost gold letter can be immortal, but to live in torture and pain, he has been looking for his ghost bride, to help him pull out the sword, can be freed from the endless pain.Ghost bride is the only one who can help ghosts pull out the sword, want to pull out must be able to see the sword, Gold letter was in doubt that enzhuo pool is not their own ghost bride, in order to prove their identity enzhuo pool admitted that he can see gold letter chest sword.The bride’s destiny is to help the ghost pull out the sword, so that it can be freed and return to reincarnation.But ghost Gold letter gradually fell in love with his ghost bride pool Enzhuo, he did not want to leave the pool Enzhuo, so gold letter has been entangled in whether to pull out the sword.Enzhuo pool did not know at the beginning to pull out the sword will mean separation, later know later, is also very reluctant to give up.In the end, two people decided not to pull out the sword, but so the ghost bride lost the meaning of existence, will face a life of danger again and again, a few times before the death notice, are successful.The last time, is the female enzhuo pool in the emergency, decided to sacrifice themselves to save a group of schoolchildren, ghost Jin Xin are too late to rescue.Sword is finally gold letter through the pool Enzhuo hand pulled out in order to defeat has become a demon treacherous minister, ghost Gold letter no other way, can only pull out the sword inserted in his body, give treacherous minister a fatal blow, also means he will leave his ghost bride.Kim Shin chooses to go into the wilderness so that he can be reborn and meet his ghostly bride again.