Solid recommendation: Analysis of selected matches of professional league on February 19

2022-06-15 0 By

Today I want to recommend three bullish on your daily job, I personally feel that day job especially in the first round of league teams need to adjust, after all, there are quality players have to sell, players to buy, need the tacit understanding coordination, so the first round of either a draw or a small ball, the more the more the following a few games represent only my personal view, if have different advice,You can leave a comment directly.Analysis of gamba Osaka VS Kashima Antlers:Osaka steel Pakistan after a change up to a good positive role, the formation of the team before the game also fit for consistent style of work, and Osaka steel Pakistan players than a lot better than the players ability to big points, Osaka steel Pakistan this year is a very worth looking forward to the team, I personally like Osaka steel Pakistan unbeaten today!Personal advice: remain upbeat on Osaka steel Pakistan unbeaten, goal value 0 to 2 ball ball 004 – day job: water incited VS Sapporo GangSaDuo game analysis: clear water for 3 games last season, the overall performance is good, investing heavily in the last year, this year in quiet a lot, not much promotion team strength, Brazil’s foreign aid santana did well.Sapporo last season is slightly better than agitation, the team is also 2 win ending, good condition, Sapporo in recent years to develop a large number of young players, performance is good.Sub refers to the opening of the 0 ball plate, no change after the meaning of the plate, Sapporo index slightly decreased, feel Sapporo heat will improve, I personally optimistic about water undefeated.Po ping personal advice: remain upbeat on water, the goal value 0 to 2 ball 005 – day job: yokohama sailor VS. Osaka cherry blossoms game analysis: the home team yokohama sailor nearly 10 official games made 4 win 2 draw 4 negative, and the last two games have only lost a ball, recent solid defensive team, at present the total value of euro 18.9 million team, two team strength is not bad.Look out for Osaka cherry blossoms.Attached list: for your reference, I personally adhere to the recommendation of the list,