Regent, the princess has beaten her Majesty!He smiled indulgently. That would ruin your Majesty!

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Love novels of friends everywhere, abuse, sweet, through the text, modern text, fantasy text, although everyone is different, but for the story of the novel writing requirements, can see high-quality novels will always make people want more, see again.Good things to share with friends, xiaobian here to introduce you to a few people can not extricate themselves from the novel, completely bid farewell to the situation of book shortage.If you like, collect it as soon as possible!Regent, the Princess has beaten her Majesty!He smiled indulgently. That would ruin your Majesty!The first “rebirth fan dead regent king” author: Speech xi introduction: sweet pet text: Regent, the princess hit your Majesty!He smiled indulgently. That would ruin your Majesty!In the past life, she blinded her eyes and covered her heart. In order to deceive the man who played with women’s feelings, she killed her love and ended up with one dead body and two lives.Heavy life I, return 15 years ago, the sister conspires against her, cheat the man who Dally with female feelings has ulterious intentions, aunt is ruthless and merciless, mother niang credulity her person……Oh!This time she would not bear it, she would not be afraid of anyone who had her back!”Regent, something is wrong, princess she has beaten her Majesty.Into the pit guide: past life, Yuwen he is in such a way to save her, will let her deeply in love with him, on the way to that desperate……Did not expect today, yuwenhe saved the people, actually became Meng Fu Liu!She sneered inwardly at the sight of the two embracing.Malicious bitch and scheming deep dog thief, have to say that these two also quite match!Have to admit, the appearance of Yu Wen he is really outstanding, and extremely deceptive, eyebrow eye is handsome, temperamentous, completely give a person a kind of gentle and elegant and elegant the feeling of your childe, although right now very low-key, but also be the best home to return to in the mind of many boudoir woman however.Almost without hesitation, Meng fu Liu moved on to the man.Her face is delicate and shy toward Yuwen He yingying one worship, “thank you your Highness for saving, but for your highness’s help, Liu er may…””No harm, lift a finger of Lao just, three young lady have no matter good.”Yuwenhe said with a faint smile, but his eyes could not help glancing at Meng Fuge on the other side, feeling a burst of inexplicable hostility and unavoidably feeling strange in his heart.”It’s all right, your Highness…Just now big sister just accidentally pushed me, must not be intentional.Did your Highness lose his way by accident?Why don’t you ask Willow to show you the way?Grandpa must be in a hurry up front.”Meng Fuliu said as he walked out.In a few words, he skillfully made himself into a weak and pitiful but considerate image, explaining that the reason for his fall was deliberately pushed by Meng Fuge.(click below to read for free) the second “violence medicine princess sayin and sweet” author: Demon liu6 introduce: hearsay season king peerless, defiant, ruthless, even the emperor dare not ask more than the tube.”My Lord, the princess has paid her servants to report your whereabouts, especially…You and the woman beside you.”‘Nonsense!Season king cold mou is small coagulate, be furious, “the dog of this king side all be changed by princess male of, which come of woman?”Into the pit guide: cloud miao sound small face a cold, I rely, this sanctimonious guy actually is also a sex maniacal?How can you be soft on sex maniacs?Without hesitation, she lifted her knees and went straight to the top of his abdomen.She cloud miaoyin sanshou kung fu in hand, when had eaten the man’s loss?She was fast, hard and accurate.The man subconsciously wanted to avoid, but might as well wrist was her buckle, living by this blow.”PSST…”He gasped, never expecting that the woman who looked soft and weak in front of him would have such an amazing explosive power.And the woman’s moves are crisp and quick, always unexpected.You know, even with his hair, not everyone can approach him.”Ah…”He sneered, but regardless of the little wild cat’s struggle, forcibly locked her in the arms do not say, but also directly with the body pressure.Cloud voices…How to jump directly from encounter v scum to v!She was a famous, unmatched free combat master, unexpectedly was subdued in a few moves, but also imprisoned in his arms, the most important is that he did not wear a shirt ah hello!Smooth skin flesh friction, Cloud miaoyin ear root fever, gas and ashamed, but the eyes slightly turn, her hands like fish slide, and find the opportunity to attack him some acupuncture points.A deep voice overhead said, “Hush.”The heat was on her cheeks, different from the heat she had just felt, but just as…Hot.Yun Miaoyin hands of the action suddenly stopped, the brain once again a bit when the machine, but feel the body a turn, was he hit the horizontal embrace, gently put under the bed.”I never owe a woman a favor.”(click below free reading) the third “King beware: love princess not easy to provoke” author: Leaf darling introduction: if love still can betray, only strange love is not profound!When revenge comes, do you have to change your mind?Former lover, today’s enemy!Blood when the world……Inside and outside the palace walls, I leave you alone in my heart.Pothole Guide: No, she didn’t!She drank a cup of soothing tea like frost, and after that she knew nothing.No, like frost?!Like what flash in the mind, Mu Langhua’s eyes shed tears of blood, she used up the last bit of strength, stretched out a hand, trembling at Meng Qianzhong.”You and ru Shuang, you calculate good.”She mouthed silently, unable to utter a word, despite the raging rage in her heart.But Meng Qianzhong understood, he looked at Mu Langhua over and over again repeating the word “such as frost”, for a moment, but slightly smiled.”Lang Hua, you realize too late.””Nothing.”By whom the heavy door seems to be push again a, longed for China now staring at the door, finally, a beauty in HongSha palace suits leisurely, her waist, a hold, figure and graceful, hair a chicken Ming yan Dan lining of her grace, while she, like meng qian heavy, walk to the front for post China, lower the head, smiled slightly.”Elder sister, how, that bowl of tea of calm spirit but cost me many idea.”Her voice is very light and thin, even with her familiar petulance, but like a sharp knife, slowly cut into her heart.Why!Why treat her like this?!”Her beauty big marry, Sue as frost cry red eyes said to her, her heart was moved, jiangshan stability in the east, she is always to meet her with her companion, just now for China to take a tumble, all this is a complete joke, let her be her husband to kiss his cousin alive calculation to the point.Novels abuse me thousands of times, I treat novels like the first love, for the love of fiction friends, any style of novels are available, especially for their own taste of novels, but also can read again and again.Today’s recommendation is here first, what would you like to ask at the end of the message to xiaobian oh!