Yi Huiman: The reform of the universal registration system will be implemented smoothly

2022-06-14 0 By

This article is from:Securities times times webex, according to CCTV news of finance and economics, in today (9 April) the third member of China’s listed companies association congress, yi will be full, securities regulatory commission, said the CSRC will advance to the share issue registration system reform smooth, traction with registration system reform, push forward the foundation of the capital market system construction, perfect the legal system,The implementation of key reform tasks, such as regulatory transformation and capacity improvement, has made the basic system more adaptable and inclusive, continued to improve the market structure and ecosystem, and better played the role of capital formation and resource allocation.Securities regulatory commission will take to implement share issue registration system as an opportunity to further enhance the offering, financing, merger, acquisition and reorganization system again, for the suitability of scientific and technological innovation, and play a good private equity and create a fund to support innovation strategic function, improve the bond market and qualification of scientific and technological enterprise financing mechanism, promote the cycle of capital and industries of high level of science and technology.Listed companies should also continue to strengthen the dominant position of innovation, make good use of the capital market, all kinds of tools to support innovation, adhere to positive innovation, effectively enhance the content of science and technology, become an important source of innovation and emerging technologies, and lead the economic transformation and upgrading.