The moment I raised the torch

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Argentinian leader Li Wenzhong: The moment he raised the torch “May I hold your torch?””I want to raise it, too, to be smug…”These days, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, and the Beijing home of Li Wenzhong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and an Argentine leader of overseas Chinese, is also very busy.Whenever relatives and friends came to pay New Year’s greetings, they were envious of his torch.Everyone wants to be able to hold, personally feel the Winter Olympics, share his joy as a torchbearer.And for Li Wenzhong, the experience of participating in the Winter Olympics is really enough for him to be proud of his life.”As an overseas Chinese in Beijing, I feel very proud that my hometown Beijing has become the world’s first Olympic double City, let alone that I am the torchbearer!”Li Wenzhong, who is the same age as the Republic, has experienced difficult times.Having lost his parents at a young age, he knows how hard it is to lead all kinds of lives.After the reform and opening up, he moved overseas to develop his career prospered, but he could not forget his native land.”I was brought up by the Party and the government.For the country, for Beijing, I have a deeper feeling than others.So, when passing the torch, I am filled with emotion — our country has become stronger!Get the respect of the world!As an Ethnic Korean, I can hardly contain my excitement.Li wenzhong is no stranger to the Olympic torch.In 2008, when the Olympic flame passed through his native Argentina, he was one of 5,000 Chinese nationals who escorted the torchbearers in foreign countries.Now, when he jogs around Beijing with the torch aloft, he says, the feeling is unmatched in 2008.”In the short period of more than ten years, China has made remarkable achievements in various social undertakings, and the concept of science and technology and environmental protection has gained more popularity.We Chinese are more confident in spreading to the world the ideals of peace, unity, friendship and health.We can more confidently assume our responsibilities as a major country.So very excited, excited and proud.”Li wenzhong said with a smile that although the torch relay was only a few minutes long, he had done enough preparation in advance.From the moment he was confirmed as a torchbearer, he prepared for such a day.When he checked in, he kept in mind the instructions for the torch relay scrolling on the hotel’s large screen.In the process of passing the short distance of 80 meters, he was very serious to complete step by step.He knows he represents Beijing and China every step of the way.”Until I attended the opening ceremony, I was very excited to see the torchbearers entering the stadium.They wear the same torchbearer costume as ME, carry the same torch, our hearts are the same!And, let me most proud of is that the bird’s nest lit the main torch, is by me and a lot of torchbearers together, a baton passed over!In this way, we invite athletes from all over the world to participate in winter sports.”Although the status of torchbearer is now a thing of the past, Li said the honor will always stay with him and inspire him to continue to contribute to the public welfare of his country.Li Yinfeng, Reporter of The People’s Political Consultative Conference (The 08th edition on February 10, 2022)