Special time is especially love, from many places on the table of Shanghai university students

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Special time, special love.Recently, batches of supplies from all over the country came to Shanghai, thousands of miles to help.Among them, there are also materials from Yongping, Yunnan, Wuhan, Hubei, Xundian, Yunnan and other places into the closed management of Shanghai universities.A section or silently work for many years, or the story of mutual help emerges.Yunnan Yongping aid Fudan special truck.On the morning of March 23, a special train for Yunnan Yongping to support Fudan’s anti-epidemic materials set off from the south of colorful clouds and headed for the bank of Huangpu River.On March 26, 30,000 bags of jujube kernel love, honey walnut, papaya walnut, walnut ginger and sugar tea donated by Yongping County Rural E-commerce Public Service Center (hereinafter referred to as “Yongping E-commerce Center”) and 2,112 bags of local special products donated by Aqingsao Food Co., LTD finally arrived at Fudan University.On March 13, according to the requirements of Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control, the Campus of Fudan University was put under quasi-lockdown management.After learning the situation of Fudan University, Yongping E-commerce Center and Aqingsao Food Co., Ltd. immediately expressed to Wang Jue, deputy head of Yongping County and a temporary cadre of Fudan University, that they were willing to donate materials to support Fudan university.Supplies arrived at Fudan University.”They said that Fudan had helped Yongping for 10 years, and now That Fudan is in need, Yongping should also do what it can to contribute. I was particularly touched.”Pre-kindergartners said.However, given the yongping from poverty to pick a cap only for more than two years, local enterprise scale is not big, donated to the school can make enterprise management burden, after consultation with pre-kindergartners schools, suggested two enterprises “donate some specialty, appropriate to give teachers and students in the dining room a rich food line”, but entrepreneurs are, at this moment, must try my best to feedback.It is reported that this batch of love materials from Yongping has been arranged by the general affairs office of the school staff to receive the first time, and will be distributed through the canteen in the future.On March 19th, a batch of epidemic prevention and daily necessities donated by the Third Bureau of Construction Of Central Enterprise in Hubei arrived at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.”Affected by the containment of the epidemic, Shanghai Jiaotong University needs support for epidemic prevention materials!”On the afternoon of March 17, the third Bureau of Construction Of China Received a message from the reconstruction project team of Haoran Science and Technology Building in Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The third Bureau of Construction of China immediately instructed the principal in charge of east China Branch to contact the school and arrange the company to urgently transfer the epidemic prevention materials in East China.A batch of epidemic prevention and daily necessities donated by the Third Bureau of The Central Enterprise Construction In Hubei arrived at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.”Thank you very much, many of the surrounding warehouses are closed, it is really difficult to purchase large quantities of epidemic prevention materials, the Third Bureau of Construction of China allocated so many epidemic prevention materials in less than a day and a half, to solve our urgent need.”Teachers Shen Yanming from the foundation Office and Shen Fangliang from the logistics Support Center kept thanking them.This scene is reminiscent of the outbreak in Wuhan in early 2020.At that time, the university mobilized all resources to overcome the difficulties in raising and transporting medical supplies, epidemic prevention supplies and daily necessities to Wuhan, which strongly supported the city’s anti-epidemic work.During the fight against the epidemic in Wuhan, the School of Medicine and affiliated hospitals of Shanghai Jiao Tong University sent a total of 569 medical staff to the city in eight batches to carry out medical treatment and actively build a solid defense line, making contributions to the city’s fight against the epidemic.In 2020, the Medical Team of Wuhan Jiaotong University to Assist Hubei.On the afternoon of March 25, two trucks loaded with donated supplies, bearing banners of “Thank you for giving back, Fight COVID-19 together”, arrived at the Minhang campus of East China Normal University.On the early morning of March 29, another batch of anti-epidemic materials entered xuhui Campus of East China University of Science and Technology.The donation vehicle was unloaded near the Xiayu hall of EAST China Normal University.Broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, mineral water…The two batches of donated materials came from Xundian County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, where the two schools help.Xundian county is sorting out supplies.From poverty alleviation to epidemic prevention and control, Huali and Xundian have been working together for ten years.Since ecNU paired up with Xundian County in 2019, ecNU has integrated internal and external resources, given play to its own characteristics and advantages, combined with the specific local needs, and made continuous contributions to poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in Xundian in the fields of industrial cooperation, labor cooperation, poverty alleviation through education, poverty alleviation through consumption, and talent exchange.Thanks from huali teachers and students.This time, after learning the current situation of the epidemic in Shanghai, xundian people took immediate action.Know the campus during the school closed management of epidemic prevention and control work is not easy, xundian county considering, drinking water and vegetables is necessary articles for daily use, xundian county although there is no strong economic strength, but is rich in high-quality mineral water and vegetables, the supplies to facilitate transportation, conservation and use, best represents xundian people’s mind.Due to the complex situation of the epidemic and strict traffic control, xundian County Party Committee and government selected reliable drivers to deliver the goods in a “special car”, and kept track of the vehicle’s movement in real time. They also carried inspection and quarantine certificates of materials and official letter of Xundian government donation.After a journey of about 40 hours, spanning 2,300 kilometers, Xundian county finally delivered fresh seasonal vegetables to Shanghai.Vegetables delivered by Xundian have become nutritious meals delivered to teachers and students.Xundian vegetables after elimination have been made into fresh and delicious dishes and sent to the hands of teachers and students.Source: Thepaper.cn