Do you want to saute or stew spinach? Learn to do it this way. It’s nutritious and delicious

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Hello, everyone. I’m sure you’ve never eaten this dish before. It’s a new way to eat spinach, and it’s easy to learn.I believe many people either stew spinach or stir-fry it, right?First of all, let’s buy back the spinach, use scissors to cut off the old root part, and then put the spinach in the basin, add water, wash several times, be sure to clean, do not cut, put aside for later.Then let’s prepare a carrot, slice and then cut carrots, cut them in a bowl for standby, and then prepare a small bunch of green onion to cut into green onion, garlic is not less, prepare a few pats, cut into garlic, dry red pepper to a few to cut into dry pepper section, put together for standby.Then prepare a large bowl, break in two eggs, and add a little vinegar, so that you can get rid of the smell of eggs, and then use chopsticks to stir well, set aside.Then let’s heat up the pot, add a little cooking oil to the pot, and then put the egg liquid into the pot, gently shake the bottom of the pot, fry the egg liquid into egg cake, fry out of the pot, and then cut the egg cake into shreds.Then add water to the water dish up, add a spoonful of salt in the pot, be sure to add a little cooking oil, add salt and oil that blanch spinach more green, blanch the prepared spinach in the pan, blanch time not too long, about 20 to 30 seconds, blanch good water after dry out of control, at this time, let’s put the carrots into the pot blanch,Blanch and remove.Next, let’s prepare a big bowl, put in the prepared dried chili, chopped garlic, chopped scallions, and finally put in some cooked sesame seeds, heat the oil, and then put the heated oil into the bowl, and stir up the flavor of these side dishes.Now season, light soy sauce to a little, add salt, and MSG, sugar to a little, and then stir evenly, stir well, put the blanched spinach into, stir again, then put the carrots into the mix.Finally, put the sliced egg, and fried peanuts together, now to carefully stir evenly, so that each small piece of ingredients are stuck with the sauce, so that the taste will be good, after mixing, this nutritious, delicious and meal cold spinach is ready.Isn’t it easy to make?Learn to go home and try, don’t forget to give little brother some attention, thank you for your support.