Cut by the nets Ben Buri is not worried about home, lake deer are interested, deng Elder brother is highly recommended

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After the Nets and 76ers completed harden and Simmons as the main body of the trade, the Nets added Ben Simmons, Steph Curry and Zhuangshen, their roster was too crowded, and the Nets opted to cut Benbury, who had no guaranteed contract.In fact, Benbury this season in the Nets showed a conscientious performance, especially in the defensive end is extremely motivated.However, benbury was cut by the Nets, but there is no need to find a new home, especially the former brother James harden is extremely optimistic about Benbury’s ability, is currently strongly recommended the 76ers can sign the 27-year-old swingman.Other teams in the league are also interested in Benbury. Let’s take a look at three potential buyers for benbury.The 76ers have harden and Embiid on their roster, and the 76ers traded harden for a championship.Trading harden would mean the 76ers would need to stock up on offensive players to unlock harden’s value. They already have McKessy, Green, Sipher, etc., which isn’t enough.After all, Benbury and Harden have played side by side, in addition to affection and understanding together.James Harden strongly recommended that James Benbury join the team, and Benbury also supported Harden’s departure, which is really a hit.The Sixers will have to consider harden’s offer, and Benbury is having a great season.Benbury himself can swing between the 2 and 3 positions, is good at defense, has some shooting ability and cutting ability, just 27 years old he has a good immediate ability.If the Sixers show good faith (presumably at minimum salary) and Harden does some work on the side, the deal should go smoothly.The lakers are the lakers again, with no additions or acquisitions at the end of the trading day, and only players who have been cut or bought out.Benbury would also be a good addition to the lakers, who have an aging front line, trevor Ariza, Carmelo Anthony and Tucker’s lack of shooting ability.After all, he is young, at least the lakers deserve to have the fight.And with little cap space available, the lakers will go after any player who gets cut.As for Benbury, though not a great role player, he can at least improve the lakers’ defense up front and finish offensively.The Bucks are missing a major rotation player due to connaughton’s injury to guard, hill is aging, vincenzo divincenzo has been traded, and benbury could fill the gap.After all, the Bucks are defending their title season, so they will try to add to their roster.It’s better to recruit him than make him an opponent, and Benbury certainly has some immediate ability, especially on the defensive end where his attitude and motivation fit the Bucks’ style of play.The reason why Benbury was cut by the Nets is not because of his lack of ability, but because the Nets themselves have some extreme ideas in terms of lineup structure, or the Nets may have to trade for better forward players.The Nets are a waste of talent compared to brownbenbury who is more athletic and offensive, compared to Catterbenbury who is more defensive, compared to Johnson Benbury who is more agile.Benbury was a free agent and, at 27, a job was not in question.In fact, the best outcome is to join Harden, the old acquaintance more spark.