Why do old drivers always drive with only one window?Old driver: this is all experience, novice learn point

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Automobile, once a “luxury” representing identity and status, has already entered millions of households, playing an important role in People’s Daily life and becoming a means of transportation that people cannot leave for daily travel.In the past, the price of cars was mainly due to the backwardness of domestic production technology, which led to the import of all parts, and even the assembly had to rely on manual completion. Under such circumstances, the price of cars was naturally high.However, The Times are progressing, the country is also developing, China’s car manufacturing technology has caught up with the level of developed countries, domestic god car is not only widely acclaimed in China, and even exported to other countries.The progress of production technology directly leads to the plummeting cost of automobile manufacturing, and people’s income level has increased greatly in recent years, so people can now easily buy a car of their own.As can be seen from China’s per capita car ownership data, almost every household in China has a car, which is reflected in the worsening traffic jam in recent years.Car is not only the man’s hobby, many women are looking for car, mainly is attracted by beautiful car industrial design, streamlined body aerodynamic, not only can minimize the resistance in the process of driving, this design has a unique charm, attract the consumers.However, although more and more people buy cars, with the accompanying traffic accidents are also increasing, the reason is that Chinese drivers’ car driving knowledge is relatively inadequate.After all, the popularity of cars in China is only a few decades, while the foreign auto industry has developed for hundreds of years. With the accumulation of long-term experience, foreign countries are not only experienced in car manufacturing, but also proficient in driving skills.Although China has stipulated that you must pass the exam to get a driver’s license before you can hit the road, the learning environment of driving schools and the actual road conditions are very different, and many novice drivers have no knowledge of cars, so various problems will inevitably occur after the actual road.As a large precision machine, the car is not only very complex in design, but also not simple in operation. If you do not have a certain understanding of the car itself, it is difficult to feel the pleasure of car driving, and there are even serious safety risks.How much the window is open is a problem that is easy to be ignored by novice drivers, and this problem has a great impact on the process of car driving. If it is not paid attention to, it may lead to traffic safety accidents.Most drivers pay the most attention to the engine when buying and driving a car. The engine is indeed the soul of the car, but every part of the car has an important role and should be paid attention to.If you look at a car, no matter what model it is, the first thing you will see is not the engine, because the engine is built into the body and the Windows wrap around the whole body.Whether it is to provide a good driving vision for the driver, or in the wind and rain, and even in the safety of safety accidents to protect the driver’s life, the window plays a vital role.When it comes to car glass, manufacturers typically use laminated toughened glass, which retains maximum integrity and keeps hazards out even if it withstands severe impact.In addition to their most common function of providing vision, Windows are also commonly used to ventilate the car: inside the car is a relatively sealed space, and burning gasoline in the engine produces harmful substances that can harm the driver if not drained out in time.So in the process of car driving, usually open the window for air, novice drivers usually do not know how many Windows need to open, old drivers according to their own experience, generally only open one window.There are two main considerations for opening only one window. The first is to reduce air convection. If two Windows are opened, a passage will be formed in which the wind will cross by convection.When the car is driving at high speed, the wind is very strong. At this time, if two or more Windows are opened, strong air convection will be formed, which will cause interference to the driver and even lead to traffic safety accidents in serious cases.The second consideration is wind resistance: the streamlined design of the car is designed to reduce the wind resistance that the car confronts at all times during its journey.With two or more Windows open, the aerodynamic layout of the car will be destroyed, so when racing, it is common to keep all Windows closed to reduce wind resistance.In the daily driving process, there is no need to pursue the maximum speed. At this time, if too many Windows are opened, fuel consumption will increase. Therefore, in order to save fuel, it is best to open only one window, so as to give consideration to ventilation and energy saving.After so many years of development, the car technology has been very mature, every design of the car is after countless practice, so if you want to drive a good car, we must learn these driving skills from experienced old drivers, so as to go steady.