What face film is good with blain fast?Here’s how to take care of acne before, during and after

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Did everyone watch the video challenge of “Reconciliation with No makeup” the other two days?The club ox people actively participated in the competition, the harvest of hundreds of small hearts, can not help bursting with confidence.Although our facial features are general, but win in the skin state can play, who would have thought THAT I had a face of acne?Today I will move out of my skin care experience, to tell you what mask with acne the most effective, the fastest recovery!Early days of blain blain, moisturizing mask no matter be dry skin, oily skin or mixed skin, have blain mostly with skin water oil is not balanced, pore is blocked by grease about.So when blain blain just appeared, we must do a good job of moisturizing for the skin, with a few ingredients concise, safe formula moisturizing mask to help stabilize the skin state!As a loyal fan of national products, I must recommend to you self-use “white moonlight” – Fu Erjia hyaluronic acid sodium repair stick (white film), I am because of grass it, from now on store facial mask skin care!The core composition of powdery white film is sodium hyaluronate, which is a scientific compound. The formula is simplified, without the addition of irritating essence, fluorescent agent and other ingredients, it has the effect of moisturizing water, repairing damaged barrier and removing acne. Slight acne uses it on the line, 2~3 times a week, and the skin condition will be much better.In the middle of blain blain, keratin of control oil burst blain period is the most difficult, not only the appearance level drops, blain blain is also painful and itchy, only water has not worked, must actively control oil!We can choose some weak acid skin care products, such as salicylic acid essence, fruit acid essence, almond acid essence, with water mask.Displease trouble also can use weak acid face film directly, for instance apply good salicylic acid fruit acid face film (eggshell film), daub type face film, the concentration of salicylic acid and fruit acid had been deployed, direct apply besmear is in blain blain place can “overcome” close mouth, help control oil acne.But also, after using the eggshell membrane should pay attention to moisturizing, do not use your hand to pick acne!Acne recovery period, wipe out acne acne fade, acne India still in, improve pigmentation whitening mask should also be arranged!Common beautiful white composition has VC, nicotinamide, arbulate, red myrrh alcohol, pass bright acid, fruit acid to wait, they can be observed in formula when buying face film.And now whitening products belong to “special use cosmetics”, had better buy with “national makeup special word” batch number of products!Recently, the new nicotinamide whitening and light spot repair mask (luminous film) on Compress jia is a special brand of whitening and moisturizing mask. I just placed an order and haven’t got it yet, but I am very relieved about the safety and effectiveness of Compress Jia mask. If you are interested, you can try it.The above is in the light of “acne with what face film to restore fast” to give advice, we can choose to suit their face film nursing.