Seventy years old to ning ning looking for alumni, Nanjing Jiangbei police to help him realize his dream

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Yangtze Evening News network on January 30 (correspondent Jiang Jingxuan reporter Mei Jianming) recently, Nanjing Public Security Bureau Jiangbei New District branch Taishan New village police station received a thank-you letter from the hand of a 70-year-old old man.The old man thanked the police for helping him find the alumni who had been lost for more than 40 years.According to the introduction, a few days ago, an old man came to taishan Xincun police station for help, want to find a friend of 40 years respectively.The old man told police that his surname was Qin and he was 70 years old. He had come to Nanjing from Shanghai to look for his old classmates who had studied together at a university in northeast China.”We both graduated from the same university and were assigned to work in Nanjing together, so we have a good relationship.”Mr. Qin said, “Later, I moved to Shanghai because of my job transfer. At that time, communication was not convenient, so the two people cut off contact.As the school celebrates its 100th anniversary, its alumni are looking for old friends from all over the world, and Mr. Qin is also on this journey to find old friends.However, he had left Nanjing for many years, the original address had not, he only remembered the original address in taishan new village area, so the germination of the request for public security organs to help find the idea of old friends.In the face of the old man’s help, the police according to the information he provided related to the old friend, one by one to verify and confirm, finally contacted Mr. Qin’s old friend Mr. Zhang, and informed Mr. Qin’s contact information.Soon, Mr. Qin received a phone call from his old friend, who was so excited that tears filled his eyes.”Thank you very much, help us realize a dream, the old students are very happy to know, now there is no regret.”At parting, Mr. Qin repeatedly thanked the police for their help, and said that they had made an appointment to get together at the time and place to attend the school’s centennial celebration.Proofreading Xu Hang