Official official 4th foreign aid!Qin Xiaowen again under kill recruit, blunt goal within 3 years to win

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Official official 4th foreign aid!Qin Xiaowen again under, what goal 3 years won the CBA in the third stage of the game is about to begin, and fans know, the third stage of the game, only 10 games, for shougang basketball, appears especially important, because they are in the playoffs, while the second stage won the liaoning men’s basketball team, but the game the liaoning men’s basketball team is on the second unit,So it’s not a sign of strength at all.However, the Shougang men’s basketball team is also facing big problems, including Lin’s condition, as well as the decline of Fang Shuo and Zhai Xiaochuan. It is also known that When Qin Xiaowen signed Lin, she promised the Beijing Ducks to win the CBA championship in three years, which is now the second year.Now ranked top 10 in the league, shougang team into the playoffs is not a problem, and the overall strength of shougang basketball well, just not in the best shape, and several of shougang team foreign aid, also is the core, ups and downs, now Beijing shougang basketball is officer xuan, joined a new foreign aid, that is the big foreign aid Hamilton, shougang basketballHamilton joined Shougang Men’s Basketball team in 2018 and averaged 16.7 points per game. Hamilton’s ability on the court is very outstanding.Belongs to proving inconclusive types of players, and he was very like China, like marbury, almost as long as China can play a ball game, definitely won’t go somewhere else, he is now back to shougang basketball again, brought new opportunity to shougang basketball, now Qin Xiaowen goal will soon realize, that is 3 years.Just shougang basketball squad for ceremonies were held, and Qin Xiaowen said, with struggle and win back the warm city, previously reported, shougang will take 17 players, including 4 foreign aid, and Jeremy is also says the offseason state is very good, is the best time for such a long time, coach yanni is said, will use practical actions to prove myself,So what do you think about this?Please click the follow button and leave your comments in the comments section!