News has a point of view | why there are people tangled occupation skill grade certificate is the country hair or the enterprise hair?

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Central radio Network Beijing on March 17 news according to the Voice of China’s China Media Group “News has views” reported in this year’s national two sessions, the National People’s Congress, Shandong Dezhou Hengfeng Group high-skill coach Wang Xiaofei told the story of a vocational skills grade certificate “gold content” was questioned experience.In July 2021, her company was given autonomous enactment of skill levels.However, when a third-party training organization invited her to be a training teacher, it specifically required that her certificate “must be issued by the state”, believing that such a certificate would be more authoritative.Socialization vocational skill level recognition has been carried out for a period of time, “who employs, who evaluates, who certificates, who is responsible for”, enterprises to carry out independent skill talent evaluation is deeply rooted in the people, why cross-enterprise, cross-regional skill level certificates do not exchange, do not recognize the phenomenon still exists?Vocational skill grade certificate mutual recognition still have how long to go?Deputy to the National People’s Congress, shandong Texas hengfeng group skilled coach xiao-fei wang: promote mutual recognition certificate, provide growth platform for workmates xiao-fei wang is Texas hengfeng high-skilled coaches textile co., LTD., was known as the “textile scholar”, when it comes to their professional skill level certificate “gold content” has been questioned, some injustice.”My senior technician certificate is the seal of our enterprise, and he can only recognize the certificate with the seal of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, which I think is a little unreasonable.””It’s not just textile jobs, it’s other jobs as well.”Xiao-fei wang told the voice of China “the news has view”, “since the country opened up (occupational skill level), the enterprise will not disorderly, also is to report to declare conditions, step by step, and then through the audit, to carry out the independent evaluation, I think the certificate of cover countries people club department chapter, chapters enterprises and industry associations should be recognised.”The occupation skill grade certificate of enterprise attestation “gold content” why is so important?Wang Xiaofei introduced that the textile industry he was engaged in is not a admittable occupation, so workers can learn to operate first, and then pass the level assessment to obtain a certificate.Different employees have different growth paths, and the country launched the “independent evaluation policy for skills and talents”, which provides a path for the growth and development of ordinary employees, “which is of great significance to them”.Wang Xiaofei herself grew up as a front-line worker and gained recognition by participating in skills competitions.She hopes that ordinary employees with the same starting point can have a channel for the growth of skills and talents, so that they can see their development prospects in the enterprise.She is full of confidence, “the professional and technical title assessment and the assessment of skilled personnel has been completed the year before last, and the skills assessment and certification will be well connected.”Jiangsu changzhou intelligent equipment technician college dean Song Junmin: professional skill level certificate exchange mutual recognition problems, but there is still a necessary and possible in changzhou of jiangsu province technician institute of intelligent equipment, dean of the school of Song Junmin told the voice of China “the news has view”, relevant certificates issued by the vocational school, also have not to be “on”.”Because enterprises have specific targets for the identification of technical levels, while schools have a wide coverage of skills identification, different certification objects and technical scope will lead to difficulties in mutual recognition.”Song junmin added that the mutual recognition of vocational skills certificates is difficult to achieve, and there are two other problems.First of all, “excessive issuance of certificates”. “Although there are few such phenomena, in order to increase the employment of workers in some regions, or in order to achieve the target of increasing the number of skilled workers of a certain level, there may be lax checks and excessive issuance of certificates.”Secondly, each employer has different requirements for technology, and the third-party organization entrusted by the government to assess and stamp cannot represent the overall level of the industry, which also leads to the phenomenon that the certificate is not recognized.The mutual recognition of vocational skills certificates still faces problems, but Song said it is necessary and possible to speed up the work.He believes that unified standards and strict evaluation are the basis for mutual recognition, so we should strictly control the quality of evaluation and establish unified standards and question banks. “After the quality of evaluation is well controlled, we can still come together and recognize each other.”Chen Lixiang, Vice President of China Vocational and Technical Education Association:”Gold content”, improve the professional skill level to achieve “a ruler quantity”, said Chinese vocational education society vice-chairman Chen Lixiang level certificate “gold content” challenged with event is the inevitable phenomenon in the process of reform of the system, but this phenomenon does not exist for a long time, because of the skill that is the inevitable trend in the reform,Relevant departments are also further improving the policy.For example, human resources and social security departments ensure the validity of certification results by auditing certification bodies and supervising the audit process.Chen Lixiang believes that mutual recognition of vocational skill levels has three aspects.First, from the perspective of individual workers, mutual recognition of grades through mutual recognition can confirm the level of professional skills of workers.Second, from the perspective of human resource market, mutual recognition plays an objective role in market flow.The recognition of skill level among enterprises reflects the national measurement standard.Third, from the perspective of the career development of workers, through mutual recognition for workers to open up space for development, especially for vocational education will play a great role in guiding.However, in order to improve the “gold content” and public trust of professional skill level recognition, it is necessary to measure it to the end.First of all, all regional rating agencies need to take national professional standards as the basic criteria. Enterprises can make corresponding adjustments, but the standards themselves cannot be changed.Second, procedural justice should be upheld.All certification procedures must comply with the national management standards, local certification bodies should first have consistency, on this basis, the development of new technical means, improve the efficiency of certification work.Producer: Liang Yue Reporter: Yang Chang Editor: Cao Bo, Liu Xiaochenna, Zi Ye, Yin Yukun Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: