Jiyuan police night patrol prevention and control adjusted to “enhanced” mode!

2022-06-13 0 By

Since April, as the weather gets warmer, people’s outing and travel activities have increased.As the current epidemic situation is still grim, in order to create a safe, stable and peaceful social environment, the Public security bureau of Jiyuan has tightened its grip on epidemic prevention and opened the night patrol mode to enhance the safety of the people.From April 1, the public security bureau of Jiyuan launched a night patrol activity, focusing on preventing disputes, preventing accidents, suppressing police situation and reducing the incidence of cases. It further strengthened patrol prevention and control efforts, increased the density of police patrol, and focused on strengthening the prevention and control of social security patrols in key industries, places, roads and crowded areas.During the Qingming Festival, police departments at 19:00 to 21:00 every night, led by the leader on duty, in accordance with the scheduled regional patrol, organized police to take a fixed point + dynamic step patrol way to carry out patrol, fully committed to epidemic prevention and control, site inspection, hidden trouble investigation, police situation disposal, order maintenance, publicity and reminders and other work.On April 2, at night, night market stalls dhi water station in the territory, guest hotel, pedestrian street, qinyuan patrolling police station of jurisdiction guest hotel epidemic prevention and control measures to carry out the situation for inspection on April 2, at night, Dudley police station in the area of sanhe commercial district, Wan Yang factory patrol Zhi night market town police station to patrol districts night market stalls,Publicize safety prevention and anti-fraud knowledge to the masses. Traffic management departments continue to set up cards to carry out drunken driving investigation and punishment