Can schools in China continue to reopen as scheduled?

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Science and Technology Daily reporter Zhang Jiaxing “the domestic epidemic shows many points, a wide range, frequent, Delta and Omicron mutation strain superimposition of epidemic characteristics.”At a press conference under the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council on February 26, Wu Liangyou, deputy director of the DISEASE control and Prevention Bureau of the NHC, said that the cases in many places are from closed loop managers and the risk of spread is low, but the source of infection in some areas is still under investigation and there is a risk of spread of the epidemic.In the past week, 15 provinces in China have reported new local confirmed cases.What other aspects of the immune barrier need to be strengthened?Relevant experts at the meeting to understand reading.Will schools open as scheduled?The school winter vacation ends and the spring term begins.At the same time, the epidemic is spreading in many places across China, and the task of epidemic prevention and control is arduous.Liu Peijun, deputy director of the Department of Physical Education, Health and Art of the Ministry of Education and first-level inspector, introduced that the Ministry of Education carried out four unified deployment and put forward four prevention and control requirements, and jointly promoted the safe opening of schools, the health of teachers and students, and the smooth and orderly work of this spring semester.According to reports, at present nationwide, except schools in middle and high risk areas, most of the institutions of higher learning, primary and secondary schools have basically realized the expected goal of opening as scheduled and opening safely.As of today, primary and secondary schools in 25 provinces have opened.More than 50 of the 75 colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education have opened.On, primary and secondary schools, has not yet Open University Liu Peijun is introduced, the Ministry of Education on the prevention and control of high-risk areas in the school and the teachers and students to do a unified deployment, high-risk areas to suspend school starts, in principle is in high risk areas of suspended between teachers and students back to school, wait for after the local epidemic improved markedly, the risk level to reduce any arrangement, the safe and orderly starts back to school.Zhou Min, deputy director of the Emergency response Office of the Ministry of Transport, said that the Spring Festival travel rush has ended, and some students and migrant workers have yet to return to school due to factors such as delayed opening of some schools.The Ministry of Transport will continue to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, work safety and transportation services for students and migrant workers returning home based on systematic review of Spring Festival travel experience.”During the omicron strain epidemic, the peak number of reported cases globally in a week was nearly 24 million, four times the peak of previous epidemics of other variants.”Wang Huaqing, chief expert on immunization planning at the China CDC, said that timely vaccination and booster shots should be given in response to Omicron, citing who data.According to statistics, the vaccination rate of the elderly in China is relatively low compared with other groups, but the risk of severe death of the elderly is still very high.Data from the Infectious Diseases Division of Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection showed that older people accounted for most of the early deaths, with a mortality rate of 0.03% for those who had been vaccinated and 0.54% for those who had not, an 18-fold difference.”It’s even more important that older people get vaccinated.”Wang suggested that those eligible should complete the whole course of vaccination or complete booster vaccination as soon as possible.According to reports, China recently focused on the elderly over 60 years old and strengthen the immunization work to carry out a number of work deployment, relevant departments specially for vaccination related personnel to carry out a full range of training, the implementation of vaccination, information registration, medical treatment and other aspects of the clear requirements.In addition, the novel Coronavirus pandemic is changing in order to improve the effectiveness of existing COVID-19 vaccines.At the same time, China has launched a series of enhanced immunization, providing people with a variety of options for enhanced vaccination.”As COVID-19 has recently occurred in many places in China, vaccination remains a key means of prevention and control. We call on eligible persons to complete enhanced immunization with novel Coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible, and elderly people over 60 years old, especially those over 80 years old without contraindications, to take the initiative to be vaccinated.”Wu Liangyou said.