Ukraine battlefields: Pictures do not necessarily mean truth!Who was behind the Butza massacre?Ask more why

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On the battlefield, bullets are always blind, and the war of public opinion blinds the truth even more, turning evil and justice into black and white, and leaving the public unable to judge.World War I tables, one war, two interpretations.Pictures and videos released by Ukrainian forces after they recaptured bucha, a town northwest of Kiev, show hundreds of bodies that were shot in the head, tortured, tied up, executed, dumped in ditches and even women who were sexually assaulted.Authorities even found graves containing more than 280 bodies.Bucha, a city close to Kiev with a pre-war population of about 37,000, was captured by Russian troops on March 12.When The Ukrainian army recently recovered, the Western media entered and filmed what appeared to be “war crimes”.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky immediately announced that a special judicial mechanism would be set up to investigate all crimes.Ukrainian Defense Minister Leonid Reznikov believes this is enough for the INTERNATIONAL Criminal Court to open an investigation, and war criminals should face “Nuremberg-style trials” similar to those held after World War II.Mr. Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, used a word on social media called the “Bucha Massacre,” which he said proved that Russia’s hatred of Ukrainians was beyond anything Europe had seen since World War II.The only way to stop it: help Ukraine get the Russians out as quickly as possible.Partners please provide tanks, fighter jets, heavy air defense systems immediately, now “.He said that in terms of size and ruthlessness, the Russian military is more than the extremist group ISIS.Ukrainian authorities are searching for evidence and records to hand over to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for investigation, with a view to prosecuting Russian officials, including Mr Putin, for war crimes.Ukraine’s anger and accusations were echoed in the West.The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, said the images were shocking and that the European Union would help preserve evidence and impose additional sanctions on Russia.British Foreign Secretary Mark Truss said Russia would not be allowed to fabricate false information to cover up its “crimes.”The Russian Defense Ministry accused Ukraine of fabricating that Russian troops had not harmed any civilians during the occupation of Bucha, and that evidence of the alleged “crimes” only appeared three days after the withdrawal of Russian troops and the arrival of Ukrainian media teams.There is a lot of doubt about the relevant information. Until there is an independent and credible investigation conclusion, there is no picture but the truth. It is impossible to tell who is responsible from the photos.Questions include: Are you a civilian if you wear casual clothes?The true identity of these people remains to be investigated.It is true that some people were killed, and it is not surprising that The Ukrainian side immediately pointed the blame at the Russian army. The biggest feature of public opinion and information warfare is preconceptions.Civilians are not the majority of the warring parties, but they may be maliciously targeted and exploited.The killing of civilians is a crime, and it is only reasonable for the perpetrators to try to cover up or destroy evidence of the crime, but to leave evidence lying around and being filmed. Why?Throughout the history of war, it is nothing new for armed groups to stage their own “civilian casualties” on the battlefield, accusing each other, Shouting “stop thief” and confusing the public.After the completion of the first phase, Russia said it was a serious operation with serious objectives and that the Russian military was proceeding “strictly in accordance with the plans and objectives formulated in advance.”There is no need for the Russian army to deliberately expose itself to war crimes, which makes no sense.The main objective of the Russian operation was to eliminate Ukraine’s military capabilities, which explains why they were targeting military targets, not civilians.Fighting inside the city of Mariupol, where The Russians are clearing out racist forces in hiding, increases casualties when civilians cannot leave the battle zone and are used as human shields.The warring parties, in the game of siege and counter-siege, usually surrounded by “three sides” in order to give civilians a chance to escape, the concept of humanitarian corridor has been widely accepted by the international community today.Tolerance for sieges is also meant to protect civilians from the ravages of war.The so-called “Butcha Massacre” is a game in which the warring parties seize the commanding heights of public opinion in a certain stage of the war.The justice and injustice of war can be divided into war, war and war.Justice is not an absolute concept, it is an overall evaluation scale.To minimize civilian casualties, besiegers need to limit their use of fire and avoid indiscriminate killing.The tragedy of Bucha is a high-intensity confrontation between justice and injustice since the war began.The death in Bucha falls under the category of “operational justice”, an intermediate link. If this link is overthrown, both the justice of the war and the justice of the post-war period will be unable to stand.As an observer, if you have no way of judging the truth from the message, you can judge for yourself from the perspective of historical empiricism: who is the best liar, who fabricates more rumors, who does more evil, and who benefits from lying.