Lebron, 37 years old, missed the play-offs and scored 3 miracles, making the all-time leading scorer

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Lebron must have been on pins and toes watching from the sidelines as the lakers lost to the SUNS and were locked out of the playoffs. Lebron was frustrated when the cameras showed him trailing by 20 points in the final quarter as he headed for the worst record of his career.The lakers are 31-48 with three games left, James’ worst rookie season is 35 games, in other words, even if the lakers win three games in a row, it’s not as bad as lebron’s rookie season.The NBA also recorded a 33-46 record for James in his rookie season and a 25-31 record for James this season.Lebron got a lot of questions about not defending, akimbo, eyes, walking, and so on.But a 37-year-old veteran, how much more do you ask of him?Clutchpoints: Five Hall of Famers fishing together, 53 All-Star, 44 All-Nba Selection, 6 championships, 122,493 points, 46,329 rebounds, 25,164 assists.How old is Anthony, please?How old is Howard?How old is James?How old is Westbrook?Is Davis healthy this season?Are these guys at the top of their game?Even if lebron gets blasted, he’s doing his best. What more do you want from a 37-year-old veteran averaging 30.3 points per game?Why is no one criticizing him for scoring, curry averaging 32 points and missing the playoffs?If Lebron isn’t going to score, who is?Can the Lakers score consistently?James is averaging 30.3 points per game at age 1.37, the highest in NBA history for a 37-year-old player. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is averaging 14.6 points per game.2. Lebron James averaged 25 points in 18 straight seasons, the only season in NBA history;3. Lebron James averaged 25+5+5 in 18 consecutive seasons, the only season in NBA history.Embiid is up to 30.42 points per game with 45+13 points, James is up to 30.27 points per game, Embiid is 0.15 points higher than James, James only needs to return to play 40 points in one game, he will be up to 30.44 points per game to overtake Embiid, but James still needs to play two games to win the scoring title.So he needs a solid 30.44 point lead over Embiid and 31 + points in another game.If James wins at age 37, he will be the first NBA scoring champion older than that.It’s worth noting that James was eligible to sign a two-year, $97.1 million early extension with the Lakers this offseason.By Yan Xiaobai