Calabria: the milan Derby is the best Derby and I hope to wear the milan shirt forever

2022-06-12 0 By

Ahead of the milan Derby this weekend, AC Milan right-back Alvaro Calabria spoke to DAZN about the milan Derby and his career.I grew up wearing a Milan shirt and my whole family are Milan fans.It must be a special day.I remember the great era under Carlo Ancelotti and Massimiliano Allegri. I grew up with that milan team and fought with those players.It was a great time to be a Milan fan.I had a picture with Martini that I had asked his son to take after working with him for six years.Milan Derby preparation At this level, we prepare the same way we always do.I think the Milan Derby is the best Derby in the world and it is the best league in the world.My first Milan Derby was in the Chinese era and kicked off at 12.30pm.We were talking about maybe the first time in history that the ball has kicked off at this point in time.We lost 2-0 but there was a great atmosphere and I remember there were a lot of fans.I have lived here all my life and I want to wear the milan shirt forever.But it’s not up to me.Everyone is concerned about milan’s new stadium.Owning your own golf course brings in more revenue and can be more economical.The thing about Theo and Leon is that they are both young players with great talent.They are currently cashing in on their talent and believe they can become top players in their positions in the future.They helped the team a lot.On Zlatan Ibrahimovic he is a strong player who can attract defenders.He’s still doing so well, even at his age.Better to have him as a teammate than an opponent.As for inter, I think inter’s strength is in defence, they have a lot of good players and a lot of talent.If I could take one defender from the other team, I would like it to be Devry.(star)