“315 Special issue” Sanshui District, Foshan: promote merchants to promise offline 7 days without reason to return or exchange goods

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Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liang Zhengjie Correspondent Sanxuan March 14, Foshan Sanshui District market supervision Bureau, district consumer committee released to the public sanshui consumer rights work situation.According to the introduction, Sanshui district actively carried out the “assured consumption unit” to create demonstration driving role, to promote the assured consumption unit, “commitment integrity of the enterprise” to create work, and strive to prevent the occurrence of consumer disputes from the source.At present, there are 60 assured consumption units (points) at municipal level, 50 assured consumption units (blocks) at district level, and 233 “assured consumption commitment units” in total.Sanshui actively carried out the “offline seven days without reason return” commitment and online consumer dispute resolution (ODR) mechanism construction work, a total of 107 units to participate in the “offline seven days without reason return commitment”, in 2021, handled 9,865 physical store returns, the return amount of nearly 650,000 yuan;There were 31 new ODR enterprises, 266 complaints were received, the settlement rate reached 100%, and the success rate of settlement was 84.5%.Luo Ruiqin, deputy secretary of the Small party committee of Sanshui District, said that the district market supervision bureau will carry out the promotion of consumer rights protection work this year, promote the offline 7 days without any reason to return and exchange commitment work, strengthen the rest assured consumption demonstration leading and do a good job of consumer complaints reported processing work, as always to promote consumer rights protection work.With the rapid development of society, she hopes that in the field of consumption, the fruits of development can benefit all people more fairly and consumers can share the warmth brought by the fruits of development, which is also the common pursuit and direction of consumer rights protection workers.At the same time, she called on all sectors of society to act together, cooperate closely, form a powerful force for consumer protection work, focus on solving the most concerned, the most direct, the most realistic interests of consumers.By strengthening the protection of consumer rights and interests, we will further improve the quality of consumer services, increase the people’s willingness to consume, and promote sustained recovery of consumption.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Xia Yang