Woman pays $130,000 for crash car, gets $530,000 for a 30 percent refund

2022-06-11 0 By

In 2019, A Woman surnamed Zeng in Kunshan spent more than 130,000 yuan to buy a second-hand Lexus car at a 4S shop. She was in need of money and ready to sell the car, but was told that it had had a major accident and its market value was about 80,000 yuan.Ms Zeng 4S shop to court.After the court thinks, second-hand car trading, operator is responsible for the investigation of second-hand car, check the vehicle’s shape, performance, major accidents happened, and other important information, and to consumers, according to the facts, complete inform obligation, the 4 s shop has to have ms fraud, final judgment the accused ms return once their 134350 yuan and 403050 yuan for compensation.(Thanks for the article source: Red Star News;If there is infringement, please contact xiaobian, xiaobian will be deleted in the first time after receiving your message)