Who is healthier for frequent fart or those who fart less?Listen to what the doctor has to say

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Guide language: fart also calls “platoon arrow gas”, it is a kind of normal physiology phenomenon.When people eat food, due to the function of normal bacteria in the digestive tract, more gas is produced.These gases, along with peristalsis, travel down the anus.When discharging, as a result of anal sphincter action, sometimes also produce noise.So farting is a sign that the gut is working properly.On the contrary, if there is no fart, or too much fart is too smelly, it is an abnormal phenomenon.There are two main sources of gas in farts: air swallowed into the digestive tract during chewing;Bacteria in the large intestine and rectum, especially E. coli, ferment food residues and produce gases.The fart process first produces gas in the stomach, where it secretes stomach acid and breaks down food.Add some vinegar to baking soda and you’ll get a gas similar to that found in your stomach, which can also cause hiccups.The food is mushy by the time it reaches the gut, where microbes continue to break it down, producing methane in the process.The stench comes from other chemicals, such as sulphur, found in eggs, Onions and beans.The natural gas we use for cooking is produced in the same way as the gas in our bodies.There are gases on Earth, too, which were created when microbes broke down plants and animals that lived millions of years ago.Many animals, such as birds, fish and insects, have similar structures in their bodies, which is why they also fart.People fart about 10 to 15 times a day.Who is healthier for frequent fart or those who fart less?Why don’t you hear what the doctor said about farting?In fact, there is no strict meaning of good or bad, often fart patients gastrointestinal function activity is stronger, intestinal tract may also produce gas more, so will often fart.Of course, frequent fart has a certain relationship with the patient’s diet, such as eating some food with more gas production, such as sweet potato, said sweet potato, this will be easy to produce gas, natural fart more.If food is nothing special and easy fart, this also does not have what direct relation, the most important peristalsis of probable bowel is faster, bowel produces gas more, fart nature is more frequent, so unnecessary too worry, the most important if the change of defecate property.If the stool is very unobstructed, soft, once a day, whether often fart need not worry too much;If often constipation, defecate quality of a material is more sparse, defecate number is more, accompany send intestinal tract often exhaust, the proposal had better electronic enteroscopy examination, eliminate intestinal tract a few implement sex pathological changes, if check also do not have a problem, be the problem of gastrointestinal function, without special uncomfortable can need not take notice.Frequent farting has certain advantages, indicating that the bowels are open.Farts are exhaust gases from the body, mostly carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane.How much fart is related to people’s diet, if you love to eat Onions, ginger, raw garlic, potatoes, sweets, beans and other food, these food can produce a lot of hydrogen and carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other gases, so the exhaust will increase, constantly fart.Fart is the gas that comes from food to enter intestinal tract with bacterium ferment to produce, also should swallow the air when food enters alimentary canal and generation often fart, belong to normal physiology phenomenon.Never fart is a kind of abnormal performance, because if you never break wind, or not for a long time break wind, explain people’s health has been out of the question, if children are, in general because anal dysplasia, and adults don’t fart, probably because the abdomen bilge gas, or anal rectum appeared problems, suggested to go to hospital to check.In short, not only is it not normal not to fart, but it is also a sign of bad health if you fart too much. You should change your diet and lifestyle.Healthy New Year