Top 10 Most Anticipated New Cars of 2022: Which one will be Your Mr.Right?

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New Year new atmosphere.In the Spring Festival just past, although many people were unable to travel for the holiday due to the epidemic, shopping malls were crowded with consumers.According to data released by the Central bank, the volume of non-cash payments during the 2022 Spring Festival was 20.84 billion with a value of 14.9 trillion yuan, up 10.0% and 16.2% respectively from the same period last year.Offline business is good, but online business is also good.According to China UnionPay, the value of online transactions during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday reached 2.03 trillion yuan with 3.05 billion transactions, up 22.4% and 18.4% respectively.Although the Spring Festival is traditionally a time when every Chinese family cannot feel comfortable without spending some money, the surging consumption figures still show that the Chinese are getting richer.So what are the Chinese spending their money on?According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in addition to traditional consumption items such as catering, clothing and housing, transportation consumption increased significantly by 14.3 percent in 2021, accounting for 13.1 percent of the total consumption.Although the average value is only 3,156 yuan, the base of 1.4 billion yuan is too large, it is still difficult to marvel at the purchasing power of Chinese people’s new cars.In January of this year, many people still keep the habit of “bringing new cars for the New Year”, and the consumption of new energy vehicles boomed.Many new energy vehicle companies in January delivery data are somewhat unreal, let people look forward to 2022 China’s new energy vehicle market will usher in what kind of outbreak.Of course, there are still a lot of people holding cash to buy, but also a lot of people still like fuel cars because of diversified needs.But they have one thing in common: they are looking forward to new cars that have not yet hit the market.In the past year, a number of new vehicles for 2022 have been revealed, and some have already emerged, causing a lot of early attention.In addition to the natural appeal of new cars, these new cars also express different brands’ thinking about the future and apply many forward-looking new technologies at the point when the car market is going from old to new.What new experiences these new cars will bring to consumers and what impact they will have on the market will be the focus of the new Shake in 2022.To that end, we’ve selected this year’s 10 most anticipated new cars (in no particular order) to give users a sneak peek.01 Xiaopeng G9 guangzhou auto show last year, xiaopeng G9 real car has appeared.In the eyes of industry insiders, G9 is used by Xiaopeng to bid NIO ES8, ideal ONE, and in the minds of consumers, G9 may be the most anticipated 7-seat electric SUV this year.The expectation comes from the quick charging of the G9.Thanks to the first application of 800V high voltage SiC platform, G9 can achieve “charging 5 minutes, xu hang 2 hours.”This is xiao Peng to solve the pain points of the killer, but also to contend with the power of the powerful weapon.The XPILOT 4.0 driver assistance system, a 100kW battery, and bezel-less doors on the G9 are more like the cherry on top than charging.G9 is xiaopeng’s new flagship, and will also be a catfish that promotes the popularity of 800V high-voltage charging platforms.After the Ideal ONE, many people probably thought the ideal second car would be a smaller ONE.Instead, Li xiang created a full-size SUV, the Ideal X01.Unexpectedly, the field of public opinion naturally on the ideal X01 doubt, this car in the end there is no market?After all, in the past, full-size SUVs were made by luxury brands, and buyers were either rich or expensive.But in a sense, the miracle of the Ideal ONE has raised expectations for the Ideal X01.At present, the ideal X01 has not been revealed, and the only information is that the range enhator will be changed from a three cylinder to a four cylinder.However, as the first product manager in the automotive industry, Li Xiang is bound to bring more surprises to consumers with this flagship product.Net new Shake focus is to buy ideal X01 exactly which group of people.03 LAN Map dreamers and ideal X01 is consistent, has appeared LAN Map dreamers is also a full-size product.The difference is that the Lantu Dreamer is an MPV.It is also likely to be the first full-size MPV launched by a Chinese brand.It is also unclear why Lantu made its second move into the MPV market after launching its first SUV, The Lantu FREE.It’s still such a big MPV.If you have to give Arashi map dreamers to find a rival, may only be the price of the magic Toyota Elfa appropriate.But LAN Tu is clearly not just outdoing its rivals in size. It’s trying to tap into a new audience that’s very different from Alfa’s.Perhaps longtime customers of the Buick GL8 and Mercedes V-Class are the ones the dreamers really want to impress.But beyond luxury, the key to the dreamers’ appeal will be the entire ecology built around the car and the novelty of the first extensive-range MPV.Changan Ford new generation Mondeo said three new energy vehicles, we temporarily switch to fuel cars.The traditional B-class sedan market has long been devoid of fresh blood, and in the past few years, several Japanese and German models have almost completely dominated the segment.But many consumers, especially young people, are still looking for something new, just as they are used to Apple and Qualcomm soCs, and now they are increasingly looking to Mediatek.This kind of psychology is not too big to watch.Subtle market psychology, changan Ford a new generation of Mondiou may be said to come at the right time.For one thing, Mondeo is not a new name;On the other hand, the EVOS lookalike mondeo is fresh enough.There is no doubt that the new mondeo is strong enough to challenge its German and Japanese rivals, as it combines all of Ford’s leading technologies and the changan Ford China team’s accurate capture of Chinese consumer demand.The only thing to watch is the pricing of the new Mondeo.If Changan Ford dare to give a good price, then consumers will dare to buy.Changan UNI-Vin 2020, the third generation MG6 came out;In 2021, Trumpchi Shadow Leopard debuted;This year, Changan Uni-V will be launched.In a sense, whether Chinese brands can continue the success of the coupe for three years depends on UNI-V.To be fair, the second version of The Changan UNI series, UNI-K, has a slightly lackluster performance since uni-t became an instant hit.Perhaps this shows that UNI is supposed to be cool and flashy in consumers’ minds, and should be out of touch with the masses.Uni-v goes back to the ultimate youth of UNI-T.Put aside quite pure, dynamic coupe body, Changan to the new car brought a unique sports package, but also look and explosive point full.More importantly, uni-V’s liftable tail opens a new phase in design and performance for Chinese brands, as air suspension, bezel-less doors and electric absorption doors are no longer the exclusive domain of multinational brands.In the past two years, perhaps the Great Wall launched a number of new brands and new cars, attracting too much attention, so that the Haval brand appears to be a little quiet.But in fact, Great Wall motor this wave of fierce offensive, and creative ideas originated from the Harvard Dog.The “dog” sequence, led by big dogs, is also scheduled to take shape in 2022.The Harvard Cool Dog, formerly known as “X Dog,” is like the Harvard X-Men.Its real body continues the tough lines of the big dog, but it has a sense of jumping out and fashion.If big dogs can still eat consumers in their 20s to 40s, cool dogs are clearly for those in their 20s.What’s more, with cool Dogs, it’s likely that the established “dog” sequence will also gradually establish its own ecology.Like tanks, play with modification, life, post-market.If all goes well, will The Dog be Great Wall’s next brand?Before the Spring Festival, photos were taken of BMW’s new test camouflage car on Chinese roads.It was later confirmed that the car was a BMW I7.The car will be unveiled this year.Details of the i7 are unknown due to its camouflage.But the significance of the i7 to BMW is easy to grasp if you think of the rival Benz EQS, which is already on the market.The electrification of flagship D-class sedan is extremely difficult for the century-old giants like BMW and Mercedes.The D-class is the cornerstone of their prestige and the key to their high-end customer base.By recreating an electric S-class, Mercedes was the first to turn in the papers.Next, the i7, which is likely to have a redesign, will take on BMW’s thinking about the future.I am also responsible for creating a new journey for BMW.08 Dongfeng Nissan a new generation xiao Ke Xuan Yi, Strange jun, xiao ke is dongfeng Nissan in the mainstream home market of the three musketeers.The former two have been replaced, and now the focus of the outside world is on a new generation of xiaoke that will appear this year.A further concern is what kind of powertrain the new car will use.In fact, at the beginning of last year, a new generation of xiaoke has completed its global debut.But for the power system, Dongfeng Nissan A class of three musketry confusing choice, but really let many people for the joint venture car enterprises hold A sweat.Fortunately, after the Spring Festival, news pointed out that the new generation xiaoke domestic version will use 1.3T four-cylinder engine, which can be called a safe choice between E-Power and three-cylinder engine.If the news is true, a new generation xiaoke is bound to steady.There are not only Lantu, but also Hongqi, the first luxury brand in China, targeting the full-size MPV market.For the full-size high-end market, the red flag has long potential in the win.From L7 to E-HS9, the only thing missing is MPV.As a result, the interior code C095 brand new MPV model was also uncovered.Thick camouflage, can not completely cover C095 that than the Elfa more powerful and imperious before the face, and Chinese style extreme luxury will be the biggest selling point of this new car.If you want to find a buyer for C095, perhaps the majority of enterprise users.In this era of national pride, a full-size RED Flag MPV is a perfect illustration of Chinese business hospitality.Given hongqi’s already sizeable annual sales system, the C095 may not occupy too high a share, but this car is the best expression of hongqi’s luxury attitude.For the last place on our list, we give the Cadillac LYRIQ — a product that best embodies the traditional luxury of the American industry.There’s another reason.Although the new car was officially unveiled at last year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, it attracted the attention of Chinese consumers earlier with only pictures and text messages.During the Spring Festival, I also observed the heat of Chengdu Cadillac space, no less than Tesla and “Wei Xiaoli”.The facts of Cadillac LYRIQ prove that it is not the traditional brand of new energy vehicles that consumers are not cold, but the lack of innovative products.When the low-key GENERAL Motors took out all the strength in the field of design, intelligence and electrification, it presented an epoch-making product.LYRIQ will also serve as a model for all traditional car companies to bring some inspiration.Opinion: Shake’s list of the 10 most anticipated new cars of 2022 May be random or not just based on brand power.Our only criterion is that these new cars are interesting, in many ways.Or scarcity;Or it has the potential to disrupt existing markets;Or the brand will be a new bold attempt and breakthrough.What they have in common is that they will inject more vitality and color into China’s car market in 2022.Of course, from the perspective of consumption, these new cars are expected to bring consumers a different experience.To some extent, consumers will be able to recognize these brands again, and even rethink their own values of automobile consumption.