Three generations of spiderman face a very different situation!15 years ago he was the worst guy ever

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The character has gone through three generations — tobey Maguire in 2002, Andrew Garfield in 2012, and now Tom Holland — each with their own charm and personality.Here’s a look back at the three spider-man characters through the ages, both on and off screen, to see how they perfected their costumes.Tobey Maguire starred in the first generation of spider-man in three films, the story tells the story of Peter Parker, a high school junior and his classmates visit a genetics laboratory, accidentally bitten by a genetically modified super spider.He felt very ill when he got home and woke up to find his body had suddenly changed dramatically.It’s been nearly 15 years since Tobey Maguire last donned a Spider-Man costume, but the three spider-man movies starring him will always be a classic in fans’ minds.Tobey Maguire’s most iconic work in recent years was the Great Gatsby, starring alongside Leonardo Dicaprio.Two people have attended the 66th Cannes Film Festival together, two people put on a suit, successfully murdered a lot of film!Andrew Garfield new spider-man series, a total of two works independently, starring Andrew Garfield, drama back to Peter parker’s high school, his side to face together with the first love experience the test of love commitment, on the other hand, more parents to find the mysterious disappearance of the truth, and in the face of powerful enemies.The second spider-man series not only perfectly interprets Peter Parker’s mysterious identity as a teenager and a superhero, but also successfully portrays Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as the golden couple.Although the two didn’t end up together, they often pretended to be a couple off-screen.Emma Stone wore an earth floral dress to the Spanish premiere, matching Andrew Garfield’s tan suit.Look again 2 people go off work of daily modelling, coincidentally wear neck scarf and sunglasses, with common lovers have no difference.Tom Holland, 23, the third generation of Spider-Man, made his debut in Captain America 3 after SONY signed a deal with Marvel comics and spider-man officially joined the marvel Universe.In spider-man: Homecoming, Tom Holland said, “It’s not a happy movie. It’s dark, it’s sad, and it’s very moving. You get to see your favorite character go through things that you never want to see happen to him.”At 173cm tall, Tom Holland knows how to make himself look taller with a few outfits.For example, he often wears cropped trousers that show a little ankle for better visual proportions.Tom Holland paired his suit with a casual knit top for a chic look.