Project empowerment!The biomedical industry has a new army

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Focus on the theme of The Times and start a new journey.In 2022, the high-tech Zone planned 537 projects covering “Strength high-tech”, “science innovation high-tech”, “quality high-tech” and “happiness high-tech”, which built up the “backbone” of high-quality development of the high-tech zone and accelerated the construction of “four high-tech” once again.Take the pen of the project and turn the blueprint into reality.Let’s walk into the construction site of the “Four high-tech” key projects and feel the rhythm of the acceleration and development of the high-tech zone.February 9, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone Qinling west Six road and three road cross southwest corner, Xi ‘an Qianhe pharmaceutical cottage base construction project has completed the work of clearing tables, at the end of this month, the project will be fully started.Xi ‘an Qianhe Pharmaceutical Grass Hall Base Construction Project With a total investment of 560 million yuan and a construction area of about 53,000 square meters, the main construction of production workshop, power workshop, RESEARCH and development center, comprehensive office building, traditional Chinese medicine research and clinical observation base and other facilities.This project is one of the “four high-tech” key projects planned by Xi ‘an High-tech Zone in 2022, and also one of the 31 key projects started in the first quarter of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone on February 8.”At present, we have completed the project land clearance work, the end of the month, will be full-scale construction.”Xi ‘an Qianhe pharmaceutical grass hall base construction project project director Han Mingwei said that the project construction will be divided into three phases, including the first phase of the construction cycle for a year and a half, two, three phases of the construction cycle for about two years, then the overall project will be fully completed, after the production is expected to annual output value of 600 million yuan.Biological medicine industry is xi ‘an high-tech zone is one of the five advantages of the development of leading industries, has been formed to yeung sum, contour medical, pharmaceutical, giant creatures from state pharmaceutical for leading enterprises such as biological medicine industrial cluster, and in the modern Chinese medicine, chemical medicine, biological medicine, medical equipment, health tourism and other fields, has obvious advantages and great potential.Xi ‘an Qianhe Pharmaceutical Cottage base construction project is committed to the research and development, production and sales of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine products, diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine technology and the cultivation of Traditional Chinese medicine, etc. The start of the project, for xi ‘an High-tech Zone biomedical industry competitiveness and influence to further enhance the foreland, add momentum.(Gao Xinrong Media reporter Zhang Jingpan)