Ningxia has achieved full coverage of safety supervision over mineral resources exploration and development

2022-06-11 0 By

According to the Office of the Work Safety Commission of the Ministry of Natural Resources, in recent years, the Department of Natural Resources of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has actively innovated regulatory measures for the exploitation and utilization of mineral resources, severely investigated and punished mining enterprises for illegal exploitation, effectively promoted production safety, and significantly improved the order and ecological environment of mineral exploitation.Through special rectification, some problematic mines have been eradicated from their root causes.Mining industry accounts for a significant proportion of ningxia’s total economic output, and mineral resources play an important role in supporting high-quality development.In order to solve the problem that open-pit mines account for more than 80% of the total number of mines, and irregular mining beyond the boundary, and to balance safety and development, Ningxia Bureau has actively explored and implemented a series of new governance methods.First, full coverage of on-site inspection and measurement of underground mining.In order to effectively prevent production safety accidents caused by over-layer and over-boundary mining of coal mines, since 2017, ningxia Bureau has adopted the mode of government purchasing third-party services to carry out comprehensive “physical examination” of production mines under supervision every year.The natural resources administrative departments at the city or county level shall investigate and punish in place any behavior confirmed to exist in cross-border mining.Second, full coverage of dynamic monitoring of open-pit mines.For non-coal mining, Ningxia Department optimized technical means and adopted high-resolution remote sensing image data for dynamic monitoring, delineated suspected illegal mining areas, formed remote sensing interpretation map spots, and distributed them to municipal and county natural resource management departments for verification and processing.Third, we will implement information-based and intelligent oversight.Relying on big data of natural resources, ningxia Bureau has established a comprehensive supervision system for mineral resources by interconnecting management data at the three levels of district, city and county.On the one hand, with the mining area as the benchmark, real-time supervision of mining activities through video, timely detection of cross-border mining, dust pollution and other problems;On the other hand, uav tilt photogrammetry technology is used to build a three-dimensional model of the real mine in the whole area, accurately measure the slope, area, volume and other data, quickly control the current situation of the mine, and find problems through multi-phase comparison.For suspected illegal clues, the relevant municipal and county natural resources departments shall be sent through the information system to complete the investigation and rectification within a prescribed time limit.Fourth, special campaigns were launched to address all violations of laws and regulations.In view of the mining area to combat dig, fails to perform the duty or even destroy the ecological environment recovery governance problems, such as deployment in ningxia hall with illegal mining rectification action, to effective, overdue not logout and log out of 1161 cases of mining right in nearly five years to conduct a comprehensive screening, establish issues list, list of formulate rectification, rectification within a time limit in place.Fifth, we will build a new pattern of interconnected oversight.Ningxia hall and the national development and reform, ecological environment, emergency management, and other departments as well as the procuratorial organ to establish coordination mechanism, improve the mineral development barriers to entry, eliminate backward production capacity, booster upgrading, promoting dust pollution management, the comprehensive improvement of the open-pit mine and other special operation, form the joint effort, for all kinds of mineral resources violation behavior to keep high pressure regulation,We will build a new pattern of joint supervision in which city and county governments take the lead, relevant departments divide responsibilities, enterprises fulfill major responsibilities, and society participates.Sixth, we will give high priority to ecology and effectively improve the ecological environment.Ningxia Department has determined that all existing mines will be built into green mines by the end of 2022.Seventeen mine ecological restoration projects have been carried out, covering an area of 2,964 hectares.Since 2017, a total of nearly 10 billion yuan has been invested to comprehensively improve the ecological environment of Helan Mountain National Nature Reserve, restoring an area of 200 square kilometers, and fundamentally reversing the “black disorder” in old mining areas and the “disordered pollution” in centralized coal processing areas.(Source: China Natural Resources News)