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18 anniversary Thanksgiving fellow, buy a car to send a luxury treadmill!The factory specially approved 20 special car heart price attack, buy a car to send ten thousand yuan gift package, call the shop to reserve a greater special price network booking to shop car customers, give ten thousand yuan gift package!Network booking to the shop to see the car customers, give a beautiful gift, enjoy VIP, network sales manager on duty one to one service!Brush face to buy a car, an ID card, can loan 88% of all models 2-5 years interest-free!Second-hand car free evaluation, high recycling, enjoy ten thousand yuan replacement subsidies!Rui ‘an Xin (Xin) Cheng Street Xian JIA Industrial Zone 104 National Road edge (come to store enjoy a good gift) * Details please consult Rui ‘an Red Sun Beijing modern 4S shop