Liu xuezhou’s relatives will Sue the “Internet bully” : they are in the process of collecting evidence

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Liu Xuezhou is a good conduct of the child, once served as the chairman of the student union.Liu Xuezhou is a poor child, his adoptive parents died when he was only 4 years old, resulting in him from the second grade of primary school began to go to boarding school, because of the “strange” life, suffered from classmates bullying, before he was exposed to a male teacher molested.Good liu Xuezhou Liu Xuezhou is still a child after all, the indifference that faces one’s own parents, face a gang have no good “keyboard man” personal attack, chose one dead “escape means”, he was tired.On February 10, 2022, major media have released a new report on liu Xuezhou’s death, his relatives have commissioned a lawyer, will formally Sue the “Internet abuse”!Intriguingly, the lawsuit was initiated not by relatives of Liu’s biological parents, but by his adoptive mother’s parents, or “adoptive grandparents”.This lawyer to accept the authorization of a very big, famous Zhou Zhaocheng!Who is Chow Siu-cheng?Zhou, a lawyer from a Beijing law firm, has represented a series of influential lawsuits, including the case of “wrong child swap for 28 years”, the rights protection case of the female owner of Xi ‘an Mercedes Benz, and the hunan playground burial case.So it seems that Lawyer Zhou’s professional ability is not comparable to ordinary lawyers, it can be foreseen that this is not the kind of anticlimactic “just talk”.Lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng actually before Liu Xuezhou committed suicide, his adoptive parents’ relatives and Lawyer Zhou had contact, Liu Xuezhou himself in the help of a “family search volunteer” and Lawyer Zhou on the phone.After the suicide incident, Xueju’s uncle (the brother of his adoptive mother) formally contacted Zhou, and the two sides signed a power of attorney.According to xuezhou’s aunt, her mother-in-law and other relatives were very kind to Zhouzhou, who was also a good and sensible boy.The couple had planned to have a second child, but cancelled the plan because of their relationship with the child.It is a joint decision of the family to file a lawsuit against the Internet bully.At noon on February 9, 2022, straits Metropolis Daily reporter specially contacted zhou Zhaocheng, a lawyer, and conducted an exclusive interview on “Liu Xuezhou’s relatives are preparing to Sue Internet abuse”.Attorney Zhou said: “Regarding the collection of evidence, because Liu Xuezhou’s mobile phone is still in the hands of hainan police, will be recently handed over to his adoptive parents’ family, but from xuezhou’s micro blog private messages found more than 2,000 content involving” network violence “.The content of these words and pictures is extremely vicious.”Don’t say xuezhou is just a child, even an adult can’t stand it.”So the priority now is to sift through this kind of information as the main evidence for future lawsuits.The administrator of Sina Weibo also issued a statement recently, saying that “hundreds of malicious attacks against Liu Xuezhou’s accounts have been banned.”Sina Weibo said it will continue to follow up the incident, fully cooperate with relevant departments in the investigation, and participate in the restraint and governance within the framework of the law.As a computer major, I have also done projects related to Internet public opinion. From a technical perspective, even if the owners of those illegal accounts cancel weibo, they still cannot eliminate their real identity information (judging from your real-name mobile phone information and daily login address).That is to say, if through litigation, the final court party to some people for responsibility, hiding is not past.Before the Spring Festival, there was a malicious sexual harassment incident in an Internet group I worked for. When I went to find the party responsible, he refused to answer me and constantly changed his account information in the community (including account picture).In fact, if the victim initiated legal proceedings against him, he could not hide in any case!Sina official also attaches great importance to this matter, so, in this event appeared in the speech (including private letters), which belongs to the “network violence”?In the face of reporters’ questions, Lawyer Zhou gave detailed answers.”Among the relevant evidence we have so far, our legal team will file a lawsuit on a case-to-case basis for insulting, defamatory or inflammatory evidence that led to Liu’s suicide.Some of the more serious cases are suspected of committing crimes, which could lead to imprisonment of up to three years or public surveillance, according to the Criminal Law.”If the circumstances are relatively minor, they will be detained for 5-10 days or fined up to 500 yuan.”In addition, about the dead mentioned by the teacher molestation, if true, should be investigated by the public security organs to verify.It is not hard to see from Zhou’s remarks that many “keyboard warriors” still underestimate the harm brought by their actions, including the corresponding legal liability.What is cyberbullying?Just now, someone said to me that because of the large number of people involved in this incident, the so-called law is not to blame, so I don’t think there will be a result of large-scale punishment of Internet perpetrators.I think it also represents a mentality of many people.After all, China’s legislation on “Internet violence” lags behind, and the connection with justice is not smooth.However, any new thing has to go through a process of argumentation, running-in and maturity.With the development of The Times and the progress of society, as long as there is a relatively large scale of new things, there will inevitably be means to restrain their bad development.In this Internet age, also superstitious “law not blame the masses” and so on the old school theory, is obviously out of place, harm to harm yourself.As long as we pay a little attention, we will find that there are many similar incidents, among which the most valuable case is the “Female doctor in Deyang who committed suicide after being attacked by the Internet”.The case was handed down last year, when three people convicted of insulting each other were sentenced to 18 months in prison, one year in prison with two years suspended, six months in prison and one year suspended.As adults, we are responsible for everything we say in public, even on the Internet.Whether you are a teenager, or in your 70s or 80s, remember one thing: The Internet is not outside the law!You say the wrong thing, you do the wrong thing, you have to be willing to accept the punishment.There are always some stupid people stubbornly think that the Internet is a virtual world, come here, play well, do not consider the feelings of others, the constraints of the relevant organization, can freely do their own want to do the expression.I can only say that those who hold such idea is wrong, in the present age, along with the relevant laws and regulations, gradually mature, the Internet real-name system rules have completely become a real “hard rules”, from a certain Angle (legal, commercial, social perspective), the Internet world and real world have no respectively.In many cases, even if some of your online “out of line expression” is not “cyber violence”, it does not mean that you “will not be punished”.As for all you keymen out there, give it a rest!Family members of Liu Xuezhou plan to Sue Internet abuser