Ice and snow sports upsurge in Jiangsu during the Spring Festival to welcome the Winter Olympics

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More and more people choose to go to sports venues during the Spring Festival holiday to experience a variety of snow and ice sports and enjoy time with family and friends to welcome the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.”I am Guo Dan, a Chinese speed skater. Feel the charm of ice and snow sports, ignite the passion of ice and snow sports, join hands to welcome the Winter Olympics, let’s face the future together.”Guo Dan, an athlete from Jiangsu province, has successfully qualified for the women’s team start event of the Beijing Winter Olympics and received a call to participate in the games together.During the Spring Festival holiday, many residents in Jiangsu province chose to go to the ice and snow venues to experience the fun of ice and snow sports.Yunhewan ski resort in Suqian, early in the morning, there are many visitors to ski on the site, many of them are families to come, the children also wear snow equipment, have fun.”I saw on the news that the Winter Olympics were coming and I wanted to ski.The first time it was ok, but then it got a little bit worse, and when I came to a steep slope I would fall over.””The Winter Olympics is coming. It happens to be held in our country and I want to experience skiing events.Like our northern Jiangsu these places did not snow this year, come here to feel the atmosphere of winter snow.”In huaiyin district of huaiyin ancient Canal ski resort, the reporter saw many residents are doing the preparatory activities before skiing, skiing, both learning double snowboard beginners, as well as foot snowboard, fast shuttle skiing master, people chasing the wind and snow stretch body, riding skateboard, experience speed and passion;Thrilling and exciting.It is understood that group and family Tours become the main flow of skiing, the Spring Festival holiday, the number of skiing every day more than 1,000 people.Zhou Jie, general manager of ski resort, said: “So far, we have run out of skis, snowshoes and poles.We huaian residents of the winter Olympics this enthusiasm is very very high, compared with last year about 30% growth.”In Gulou District of Xuzhou, the public benefit activity of “Enjoy the Winter Olympics, skate out” is in full swing. On an ice rink, 15 groups of families are learning the rules and skills of curling under the guidance of coaches.We played in groups of 3, each curling out, drew a cheer.Primary school pupil Jo Berson said: “I think it can bring me a lot of fun. For example, there are some difficult moves that you can learn by working hard.I hope all the athletes in the Winter Olympics can achieve excellent results and win honor for the country.”Many parents take their children to participate in the event that learning to participate in the ice and snow sports, not only is good for children’s health, can let children experience better athletes who never give up the spirit of quality, will be great help for growth: “children sports skills, is training, he was a child, they have low center of gravity, learn faster, can increase the movement balance.In the future, children may not participate in sports, but they can improve motor coordination and physical fitness.”Citizen Yang Guihua said.”To welcome the Arrival of the Winter Olympics, but also to cheer for our athletes, so that children in the process of sports, experience the spirit of never lose, never give up, for his life growth, I think it will help a lot.””Citizen Zhu Huanping said.On ice and snow, the reporter’s note “make an appointment to meet the games”, the Spring Festival, in jiangsu province around the ice and snow on the site, I see is a hot piece of picture, whether it be a staggered beginners skiing skating kid, or have the trail, slippery ice skilled master, I’m impressed with their presence on the ground of laughter.In recent years, the construction of ice and snow sites around the country has accelerated, and people have more ways to get close to ice and snow.And the ice and snow economy and ice and snow culture are quietly integrating into People’s Daily life.Now, the winter Olympic flame has been lit, ice and snow culture will also enter more Chinese people’s life.(Source: Jiangsu News Broadcast/Editing by Suo Haoyang/Jiang Jie)