Dongguan Focus 13.79% discount welcome test drive

2022-06-11 0 By

This week fox latest offer: Dongguan Guanjun Ford store 02.02-02.02 limited time promotion, limited time special 13.79%, such a reduction, we can not miss, store address:Dongguan Liaobu Town International Motor City promotion period from February 02, 2022 to February 02, 2022 preferential conditionsIn the shop on insurance, in the shop loan, in the shop, in the shop replacement, in the shop maintenance focus latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Dongguan quotation Hunting edition EcoBoost180 automatic hunting trend model 153,800 yuan 15,500 yuan 138,800 yuan hatchback EcoBoost180 automatic STEcoBoost 180 automatic front tide EcoBoost 180 automatic front tide EcoBoost 180 automatic front tide EcoBoost 180EcoBoost 180 Automatic front tide type 136,800 RMB 15,500 RMB 121,800 RMB Three-compartment 1.5L Manual front jump type 108,800 RMB 15,500 RMB 93,800 RMB three-compartment 1.5L automatic front jump type 120,800 RMB 15,500 RMB 105,800 RMB