Come to an owner attention!Illegal deduction points ushered in a major adjustment!

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6 points for running a red light and 12 points for drunk driving……Remember when it comes to scoring points for a driver’s license, which is always confusing?Driving is not consistent with the quasi driving type of vehicles deducted 12 points into deducted 9 points driving on the hand phone deducted 2 points into deducted 3 points did not paste the inspection mark deducted 3 points into not deducted pointsThe Ministry of Public Security issued a new “road traffic safety violations scorecard management method” (the Ministry of Public Security’s 163th order) will be in April 1, 2022 formally implemented, 2022 edition of “method” in maintaining for drunk driving, the escape after traffic accident cause person casualties, use forged altered certificates such as seriously hinder the illegal behavior of traffic safety under the premise of high pressure situation,According to the degree of impact on road traffic safety and smooth, the traffic illegal score has been adjusted. Compared with the “2016 edition” traffic illegal score and score, the traffic illegal score of 2022 edition is 50, among which 7 items are recorded 12 points, 7 items are recorded 9 points, 11 items are recorded 6 points, 15 items are recorded 3 points, and 10 items are recorded 1 point.Nine points will be deducted and two points will be removed.What are some of the things that are relevant to daily travel in this adjustment?Source: Zhengzhou Traffic police editor: Liang Taining Review: Liu Jinzhu review: Chen Qinyuan 2022.2.13 public service advertising past content 1, today!Ann please turn off your phone for an hour!2, multi map straight!Crack down!Here comes Ann!3. National level!Chuzhou only!Come on!4, snow!Heavy snow!!!!!Blizzard!!Please leave early tomorrow morning.Share favorites like watching