20 things you can do to make yourself happy in the New Year

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In a complicated world, those simple and beautiful small blessings are more satisfying than big goals in life.Share 20 simple things that might make a difference in your life.I always believe that there is a saying: “Life becomes better by reading more books.”Insist on reading, not only can accumulate a lot of knowledge, become knowledgeable;It can also improve your temperament and make you look like a jade.These changes, both internal and external, will help you move to higher areas of your life.2. Develop an unutilitarian hobby. In the face of daily trivia, complicated interpersonal relationships and chaotic social environment, people sometimes feel bored and negative.And find their own love to do, and stick to it, will be their ordinary day, add a ray of light is not the same.Cultivating a hobby that is not utilitarian allows us to retain our innocence and get rid of the boredom of life.3. Embrace all Your Emotions It’s easy to enjoy the positive emotions in our lives, but we don’t know what to do with the negative emotions like anger, fear, and pain.In fact, each kind of emotion, has its value, also is inevitable.The more you run away, the more likely it is that something worse will happen.Instead try to embrace yourself and accept all your emotions in order to live peacefully and calmly.Exercise Regularly and Take Care of your HealthOnce you hit your 30s, you’ll realize that people who are active and those who are inactive are two very different things.If you keep exercising for a day or two, you won’t see obvious results, but if you keep exercising for a few months, your body, health and emotional state will change dramatically.Having good health for the rest of your life is essential to a happy life.5, learn financial management and bookkeeping, save a small amount of money as the saying goes, “money in your pocket never worries in your heart.”Maybe now you feel, every month can not earn much money, also can not save money.But if from now on, learn financial management and accounting, strictly follow the plan.Slowly save a small amount of money, but also give your life a way out.6. Clean your House on weekends and get rid of Junk Living in a clean, uncluttered space not only reduces the risk of physical illness, but also makes you feel happier.In fact, our daily need of things, not a lot.On weekends, clean your room and get rid of useless things. Your life will become simpler and better.There was a famous joke on the Internet: “I buy again chop hands, later found that he is a thousand hands guanyin.”A small paragraph, but truly reflect, some people buy addiction after the helpless and sad.We used to think that only buying can bring satisfaction and security.What I don’t know is that when I see my closet stuffed and my credit cards maxed out, my life is in chaos.Rational consumption, not blind shopping, can not only save the cost of living, but also let life in order.We all know that in the adult world, saying no to someone is extremely difficult.Can be wronged for a long time, in return for perhaps not everyone’s understanding, but let people feel that you talk, more ignore your feelings.When you say no, you will feel lighter and happier than you have ever felt before.We all have bad habits, at least in our lives. Irregular sleep patterns, procrastination, habitual complaining…A bad habit may seem harmless for a while, but in the long run, your life will go from bad to worse without you even knowing it, like boiling a frog.When you stop these bad habits and stop the invisible wear and tear on yourself, your life will change completely.There was a question on Zhihu: “What kind of experience is it to have too much obsession?””It’s not easy to live with a fire in your heart.”There are too many troubles in life, all from their own hearts have an obsession.Adult world, learn to reconcile with yourself, is the right way to love yourself.Knowing how to clear your mind of your thoughts, not afraid of the future, not thinking about the past, is the only way to have a comfortable life.11, don’t try to change others there is a saying on the Internet has been widely circulated: “change yourself is god, change others is a mental illness.”Forcing others to live according to their own ideas is not a kind of kindness, it is a disaster.In this world, everyone’s life path and way of life are different, forming habits are also different.These personal preferences are not easily changed.Don’t try to change others, learn tolerance and understanding, you can get along with others.12. Stay away from negative Energy Friends Liu Yu once said, “Stay away from those who consume you and don’t consume others.”When negative energy becomes the main melody of a person’s life, you will unconsciously be infected with his loss after getting along with it for a long time.Most of the time, we are unhappy, not because of our own mistakes, but around such wrong friends.The rest of your life is expensive. Protect yourself from negative friends.13, do not participate in the discussion of other people’s privacy as the saying goes: “group keep mouth, alone keep heart.”Everyone has problems, problems they don’t want people to know about.Often other people’s experience, most people through the world, see is the tip of the iceberg.Don’t jump to judgment when you don’t know what others have been through.Keeping your mouth shut and not getting involved in discussions about other people’s privacy is the supreme wisdom of adult life.Joke control, do not offend others between friends, appropriate to make some jokes, can close the distance, enhance friendship.But the joke must be in the right place, master the scale.A well-measured joke can bring happiness to others, but once the joke is excessive, it may cause resentment, misunderstanding, and even hatred to others.A real joke is one that laughs at others.Rare confused, don’t take everything seriously for those in life has nothing to do with the big picture, bits and pieces of small things, pretending to be confused is the most intelligent approach.”Rarely confused” is not stupid, but the most sober wisdom in life.We all make mistakes sometime in our lives.See through not to say, see through not to debunk, is a person’s greatest accomplishment.People often say: “make others happy is smart, make yourself happy is great wisdom.”Watch your favorite movie, eat a delicious meal, buy a gift on a regular basis.Whether it’s a holiday or not, treat yourself to small surprises and rewards and you’ll become more and more interesting.Please yourself, is the most happy thing.Send yourself a bunch of flowers every week send yourself a bunch of beautiful flowers, this is not waste, not hypocritical.Because it can give insipid life not only, add the romance of a bit poetic picture meaning, still can let oneself be in continuously floral fragrance, do not forget to love and be loved.The ritual feeling of a bouquet of flowers is a small happiness in life, and also the best shortcut to improve their happiness.Go outdoors, contact nature more outdoor walk, into the embrace of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.To see the blue sky and the white clouds and hear the birds sing.It will not only calm your mind, but also improve your body’s ability to adapt to different environments.There are experiences, there are landscapes that you only understand after you walk through them.19. Cook for Yourself and Enjoy The Fun of Cooking Too often we find it difficult to cook and either eat out or order take-out.For a long time, not only increased the cost of living, but also affect health.Make a simple meal for yourself, nutritious and delicious, reward yourself for life.Not only can enjoy the fun and beauty of cooking, but also can slow down in this fast-paced environment, not to be overwhelmed by the bustling, looking for a small world of their own.Arrange a trip for yourself our life is very short, and travel can make our life more colorful.A trip can let us taste different food, see different scenery and experience different culture.You’ll fall in love with the world and embrace yourself again.Happiness is not a vanity on the face, but an inner need;Happiness is not in the eyes of others, but in their own hearts.More than 30 million people have subscribed to read at ten.Reprint please contact ten reading.Tomorrow is the second day of the New Year, remember to go home to have a look!Editor: Xu Xiao Xiao poster: Gao Qi proofread: Li Lei executive producer: Only 355 days?!There’s more to it than you can imagine, a drink that’s over 1,000 years old!China’s cutest baby C debuts, and this amazing…”Doggy!”Hosting the Spring Festival Gala for the first time, she is so beautiful on the hot search!Digital RMB New Year’s Money is coming!