When I got off the bus in Harbin, I was persuaded to return. The community said, “As long as you are from Haidian District of Beijing, you will be quarantined when you leave the station.”

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The two girls were persuaded to return when they got off the bus in Harbin. The community said, “As long as they are from Haidian District, Beijing, they will be quarantined when they leave the station.” Whether the epidemic prevention is to serve the people, really for the sake of the people, or to protect their official hats, regardless of the people’s lives.This is the crux of the matter, this is the essence of this kind of event.Back to Harbin to get off that QuanFan, ha community said “as long as it is Beijing haidian, outbound isolation of the news, all questions in the background is that the practice of the grass-roots government is totally wrong, it is completely against the epidemic prevention measures of senior government; but why did this situation more generally appear in the public news report, a is the only answer is power in disorderly use:The essence of epidemic prevention is to benefit the people, as the state propagandizes it, but in reality, epidemic prevention has become harmful to the people, which has caused a typical discrepancy between words and deeds in fact, seriously damaged the reputation of the state, and naturally caused serious dissatisfaction and angry condemnation from the people.So, in the national policy, the law of the country, the implementation of the state of the system seriously, really need to look up, a grasp in the end; if the light to the surface of good-looking, light for himself and small groups of self-interest, not pay attention to the real practical effect, so the final damage is the fundamental interests of common people, is finally damage the overall image and the positive image of the country.