State-run media focus | small temple town of shushan district rural revitalization of blossom “happiness”

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On February 18, China Business Daily focused on xiaomiao Town in Shushan District to promote the agricultural and rural modernization process of ecological integration of production and life, take the effective path of stable Party building and leading development, and blossom “happiness flower” of rural revitalization.Take a look!▲ Screenshot of China Business Daily.As of shushan district, hefei rural revitalization “main battlefield”, in recent years, the small temple town, firmly grasp the party is set development, grasp the development must strong concept of party construction work, the work in town rural revitalization as “number one project”, around a sound mechanism, the demonstrative leading, improve people’s livelihood, promoting the ecological integration of production and life of modernization of agriculture and rural areas,Taking solid steps to ensure steady Party building leads to an effective path of development, and rural vitalization has blossomed into a happy flower.Choose excellent match strong “backbone” Zhang Hexin is not only the person in charge of small temple town agricultural management, or maopu village party construction instructor.Since the beginning of the New Year, he spent most of his working time on the development of the village collective economy.In recent days, I have been busy visiting agricultural and forestry enterprises under my jurisdiction, listening to the opinions of villagers and suggestions of enterprises, and improving the practical village planning of the four villages.In Xiaomiao, there are 39 other officials and staff with double identities.▲ Picturesque Xiaolingnan.Said the relevant person in charge of a small temple town, the town and improve rural revitalization of working systems and mechanisms, not only established the town party secretary, mayor as a “double team leader” rural revitalization work leading group, set up work headquarters, set up the country revitalization of the workstation, also dispatching 20 village in party construction work instructor and 20 liaison sinking and the duty and the responsibility,Strengthen the overall leadership of town party committee to rural work.In addition, Xiaomiao Town has successfully completed the reelection of the “two committees” of village residence, selected excellent and strong leaders of rural revitalization, and designated members of the “two committees” of village residence as special leaders of rural revitalization.We will improve the coordinated promotion mechanism of “horizontal to edge, vertical to bottom”, and innovate the management model of “five-level grid and five-mechanism”.”At present, the town has established 20 village-level grids, 140 districts, and 599 group-level grids, with village leaders, Party members, and township elites serving as group-level grid members, effectively ensuring full coverage of rural revitalization forces, a strong team, and guaranteed development.”The person in charge said.During last year’s National Day holiday, the “Sea of flowers” of xiaolingnan grass in the west of Hefei became a landmark of “Internet celebrity” among tourists from Hefei and even neighboring cities.What makes this trip worthwhile is the sight, taste and cultural experience brought by the marathon museum, characteristic b&B and rural cuisine.▲ Fandai messy grass “flower sea”.It is understood that Xiaomiao town, relying on ecological, cultural, scientific and technological resource advantages, to revitalize idle assets and resources in rural areas as the breakthrough, innovation and entrepreneurship as the traction, through the implementation of the “New Villagers Plan”, in collaboration with the district’s cultural tourism, agriculture, water, tourism investment and other departments, carefully built Shushan • Junling rural revitalization demonstration zone.A number of key projects, such as marathon Museum, Caojianghe Ruins Park and Maixiang Village, will be built in Xiaolingnan and Dalingnan.At the same time, we will give full play to the leading role of grassroots Party organizations in towns and villages, carry out education and training on rural housekeeping, and build a backbone team of rural revitalization workers who understand the countryside, love their hometown, stay and work well.▲ Picturesque Xiaolingnan.Under the leadership of the Party organization, the small Lingnan environment continues to improve, perfect operation, has long been well-known.In 2020, Xiaolingnan was selected as one of the first characteristic tourism villages in Anhui Province. In 2021, it received more than 400,000 tourists and achieved a turnover of more than 12 million yuan.The key to rural revitalization is industrial revitalization, and the villagers have a growing sense of gain from the right approach to industry.Farmers have opened small supermarkets, farm homes and b&BS, and incomes such as rent, land rent, local labor, and dividends from cooperatives have gradually swelled farmers’ “money pockets”.Just before the Spring Festival, Magang village Shuyuan original seed agricultural planting professional cooperative held a bonus meeting, the members got the third bonus.We must ensure that no one is left behind on the road to rural vitalization.Xiaomiao town included the implementation of agricult-related projects in the annual key work and party construction assessment, strengthened the scheduling and promotion, to ensure the early implementation of projects, early completion, early results, to ensure that people’s happiness in the process of rural revitalization continued to increase.▲ Rising resettlement houses.Relevant data in 2021 show that: the town focuses on the rural low-income population and other vulnerable groups, a total of various subsidies and relief funds of more than 25 million yuan, benefiting more than 60,000 people;The “Warm housing Project” was implemented, and the construction of resettlement sites was accelerated. Dilapidated houses in rural areas were investigated, classified and renovated step by step, and nearly 2,000 households were relocated, effectively improving people’s living environment.Efforts have been made to improve rural agricultural infrastructure, including 80 kilometers of new roads, 97 dredges and DAMS, 27 pumping stations, 710 latrines, 10 new public latrines, 28 garbage sorting kiosks, 800 solar street lamps, and three cultural, fitness, and leisure squares for villagers.Taurus out of 1000 cang full, jade tiger spring baiye Xing.The first working day of the year of the Tiger held in the province to improve the work style for the people to do practical things for the environment of enterprises to inspire people.Go into farmers’ homes to understand the difficulties and needs, come to the planting greenhouses to listen to the thoughts and hopes of enterprises…At present, the whole xiaomiao Town is continuing its struggle and forging ahead on the road of comprehensive rural revitalization through concrete measures.Source: China Business Daily Wang Hui Chen Sanhu Review: Zhu Chenchen | Editor: Wu Ya Xiao yue | Editor: Tao Ruonan They also pay attention to these 1.District party committee secretary hai-xia wang spring visit jurisdiction enterprise 2. Change a style for practical and optimal environment | listen to advice face to face, a solid solution problem 3.The construction of Shushan District is moving forward rapidly and vigorously.This community in Shushan district was rated as a national fully employed community