Special urging marriage way: unmarried young men to wash the well, married men in the side to show jiangshan

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Returning home for the Spring Festival is the most eager thing for everyone who is struggling outside. Only by returning home can we have a sense of homeness, and only by returning home can we have family affection and New Year flavor.How happy it is for families to get together and enjoy the New Year with peace and beauty.But for unmarried men and women, back home for the Spring Festival also have let them very helpless thing, that is blind date.If you go home with your date during the Spring Festival, everyone is happy. If you go home alone, you will be urged to get married by seven aunts and eight aunts.Of course, the method of pushing marriage is different from place to place. In some places, children are forced to go on blind dates for an endless period of time, while in others, they are urged to get married with a very special rule.Men, women and children gather around an ancient well in Ganzhou, East China’s Jiangxi Province, Jan. 31, 2019.They were not queuing for water, they were washing the well, and all of them were unmarried young men.It is a centuries-old custom in the village: unmarried young men wash Wells during the Spring Festival.The netizen’s message: harm is not big, insulting is very strong.Early in the morning, the unmarried young men came to the old well, ready to wash the well.The elders of the village and the men with families came along to watch and supervise.Some young men just began to wash the well, and a little embarrassed, but after several years of washing down has no fear, a dead pig not afraid of boiling water posture, I single what?Some young men washed several times and then got married. They would come to the well and watch others wash. Their faces were full of pride and they would not forget to say something like, “Wash well and you won’t have to wash again next year.”The unmarried young men cooperated well, carrying water, cleaning the well, and flushing the well. All of them talked and laughed, which naturally alleviated the awkward atmosphere. Besides, who was standing next to them who had not washed the well before?Those who marry a daughter-in-law is a pair of experienced attitude, commanding to point out the country, the older generation of uncle said comfort and blessing, let the boys to take off the single full of hope.Internet users were surprised by this particular method of urging marriage, which seemed to be more pressing than those with a nagging sense of urgency. After all, it was in full view of the public to stand by the well.Of course, some netizens think that this kind of marriage is more civilized, we are very conscious to do it, it is much better than the nagging of seven aunts and eight aunts, and we work together is quite an atmosphere, it is a kind of entertainment.’Is this a form of corporal punishment?’ another asked.In fact, in any case, this is a kind of cultural inheritance, since the rules set by the elders, there is a natural reason for existence, the younger generation will continue it.Each place has its own customs and habits, the unmarried young men to wash the well, is also a feature of the village, a New Year’s day must stay the program, is also a unique scenery.Although the use of well washing such a way to urge marriage is a little special, but the fate of this thing is early and late, impatient can not be hot tofu, do not worry too much, the fate of the elders, their own.Unmarried young men also relax their mind, do not deliberately pursue things that do not belong to them, spend more time to improve themselves, work hard, accumulate more contacts and social resources, when they become strong, still afraid of no girl’s favor?Single is temporary, as long as they work hard enough, their own happiness will come!