“Chuqiao biography” original work: make Zhao Chunhua black is not soldiers insult, but a lie

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The article is based on “Chuqiao biography” original adaptation, the picture is the source of the play, infringement will be deleted.Zhao Chuner is the xia dynasty princess, xia emperor has many sons, only one daughter, so this daughter is very fond of.No matter how chun princess unruly, xia Huang can not bear to blame, the princes only her this sister, she is also very like.Zhao Chuner’s first 16 years of life enjoyed all the glory and wealth and family love, resulting in her simple personality and simple thoughts, but also for her sad fate in the latter half of her life.Zhao Chuner likes Yan Xun the first time he sees him.She would never forget seeing him for the first time, as a young boy, not sorrowful and gloomy at all, but cheerful and cheerful, with a hearty smile at her that she could not forget.After more than two years, Zhao Chuner often follow thirteen elder brothers together to find Yan Xun to play, as she thought, xun brother is not only outstanding, riding, shooting, fighting everything good, as if there is no he will not do, the key to her very good, the two years, Chun son often hear the hearty laugh of xun brother.All this changes when Yan Xun is thirteen years old.At that time, she was only eight or nine years old. For some reason, her father ordered the execution of all the Yan family members.When she doesn’t feel right, there’s nothing she can do about it.Her mother shut her in the hall and refused to let her go, no matter how she cried.At that time, her personal servant girl little peach to build a cabinet for her, they climbed up from the top, lifted the tile, tried to escape through the roof, but accidentally fell down, alarmed the queen mother.She watched as she was beaten so bloody that she broke her back.Peach’s blood covered her boots and flowed into her heart, as if drowning her whole person.So much so that in the following two years, she is often woken up by nightmares and dare not go to see Yan Xun.Later, when she is older, she is not afraid and goes to yan Xun, showing great enthusiasm to him.Sometimes even the queen mother will not listen, only listen to Yan Xun.She provides Yan Xun with the best food and clothing possible.Because of her care, there are fewer people who satiriize Yan Xun on the surface.Yan Xun never refuses her kindness, which makes Zhao Chuner think that he also has a good impression on himself.Yan Xun on his side called Chu Qiao “female slave” better than her too much, which makes her very dissatisfied, but she thinks it may be Chu Qiao martial arts high strong, can protect Xun xun brother, so she will be relieved.When she was sixteen, her father Emperor married her and Yan Xun.From small to large her chun princess to wind wind, rain rain, the only wish is to be able to marry xun brother, now this wish also want to achieve, she is too happy to say.But she forgot his father huang killed Yan family is full of family, how may really pass Yan Xun, and the daughter of yan Xun who breaks one’s family how may marry an enemy.Simple and “stupid” she, after many years just want to understand, the father emperor grant marriage is to kill Yan Xun, with her to block the world long public mouth.And Yan Xun does not refuse to her enthusiasm is also to use her to captivate the eyes of the Xia royal family, she Zhao Chun son from beginning to end is just a tool for men to fight for power and gain.0.2 The first time to kill, yan Xun back that day is May 20, is also the summer princess and yan Bei prince’s wedding day.Zhao Chuner wearing red clothes has a sense of unease.A soldier on horseback shouts outside the palace gate, the guard refuses to let him in, she lets someone let the messenger soldier in, then she hears the news she doesn’t want to hear the most: Yan Xun is changed.Zhao Chuner immediately pale, lips purple.Under the urging of the messenger soldier, she immediately had a dispute, she called the messenger soldier to the front, pretend to have important things to explain.The soldier listened unawares, and as a result, she stabbed the gold dagger she was carrying into his stomach. With his last breath, the soldier kicked her down, and she fell to the ground with the dagger.Ignoring the pain in her abdomen, she climbed up to the soldier, raised her golden dagger, and thrust it into his chest.It was the first time she killed, and the soldiers’ blood splashed all over her face.She let beside the panicked aunt to Yan Xun with a letter, told him not to do stupid things, do not commit suicide, she did not force him to marry her, she went to find the father to say clearly.At this moment she is still naive to think that Yan Xun has done a “foolish thing” because he is not willing to marry her.She hid the news of the destruction of the Xia Dynasty for the first time, also went to the main hall of the noble noble valve full, in front of everyone, knock broken forehead for xia Huang to recover.Lead to a scene in an uproar, so that Chu Qiao smoothly left the banquet, but also for the fall of the Xia dynasty added a fire.Zhao Chuner was taken down, still not give up, she rode to find Yan Xun, tearful and incoherent advised Yan Xun not rebellion.Even Chu Qiao feel distressed, the original work wrote: Chu Qiao can not bear to look at Zhao Chuner messy hair and pale face, once on her hatred suddenly disappeared, this silly princess, even at the moment still do not understand?Zhao Song scolds her as a fool, Yan Xun also admits that he wants to rebel is not a day or two, has nothing to do with her, never thought of marrying her.Zhao Chuner half a day did not react, in the cry of Zhao Song, she just recovered, regardless of the injured forehead, kowtowing to Yan Xun on horse such as garlic, beg him not to rebel, tell him yan was killed after their own actions……Yan Xun is unmoved.In the original work, zhao Chuner cries in the ground, while Yan Xun remains unmoved and looks up to the sky. Zhao Chuner holds zhao’s robe in his hand. Only when the cold wind blows his black hair and black robe, can we see his tough outline wrinkly sword eyebrow, just like a god in the dark.Yan Xun released this pair of once to him and Chu Qiao take care of add brother and sister.0.3 after being abused, driven crazy by a lie at this time, the country is about to fall, father or brother by danger, Zhao Chuner is still “I do not know”, she is full of eyes only her xun brother.While thirteen elder brothers do not pay attention, and ran to yan Xun’s army.Zhao Song with hatred turned to catch up, after seeing Yan Xun questioned him where Chun son, and regardless of the consequences of the assassination of Yan Xun, the result is interlose. yan Xun was stabbed in the chest, he was Yanxun cut off an arm.Seeing his brother’s arm cut off, Zhao Chuner came out of the army and wept bitterly.Poison on the dagger, Yan Xun injury is too heavy, strong while telling the plume girl not to hurt them, arrange ten people to send them back to the imperial capital, then faint.Plume girl worried about Yan Xun’s injury, put things to guard captain a fine.In the original work writes: a jing is assassinated yan Xun things panic hands and feet, panic will this humble task to his men.His subordinate is a martial arts, martial arts, play to move two hundred catties of broadsword, the skill of the man deep thought a fine guard will be the humble task to their own, is an insult to their ability, so he waved his hand, shouted: who love to go to who go!So, those who were oppressed half of their lives, their families died tragically in the empire under the butcher’s knife, and the xia dynasty enemies deep like the sea of soldiers, scrambling to compete for this task.At last the ten most vocal men took the job.A lot of times to change the history is often an oversight, if feather girl asked again, if a fine their own soldiers, or the task to a secure civilian, and this wufu did not collect, even if casually assigned a team of soldiers, then the history will not have a great change, but there is no if.Ten soldiers full of hatred of the Xia Dynasty, will be full of anger on Zhao Chuner’s body.In the dark cave, they will be broken arm Zhao Song hands and feet bound, tore off the dress of Zhao Chuner, one by one will be the most noble princess of the Xia dynasty.When Chu Qiao see scars all over the eyes without god, motionless lying on the grass zhao Chun son, and tied to the ground of Zhao Song, and three are dressing three men.She called the three men out and cut off the head of one of them.Then he xiao hacked the other two men to death.Frantic with their desire to live, the men cried out, “Your Highness gave the order, and we obeyed!””Girl, give us a break!According to the original work, a tear suddenly slipped from Zhao Chuner’s eye, along her white skin, fell on her body, and flowed across the traces of disgust.Girls like a broken doll, tear down line, her head a blank, those simple days like winter wind, whistling away from her life, those who belong to the good old days, young finally became a incomparable irony, to all can laugh at her stupid and humble.She bit her lip and tears began to fall, forcing herself not to cry.Father Huang destroyed yan’s family, she naive think can marry Yan Xun.She thinks he is just angry, but she still doesn’t believe him even though Yan Xun admits.She felt as if she were dead, even though she was being abused by these people.And the words “Your Highness has commanded” made her grow up overnight and filled her heart with hate.She turned all her hatred on Chuqiao, who had avenged her.Later, when she married King Jing ‘an, rong attacked Simon, causing great chaos.Killing innocent people randomly, humiliating Yan Xun…….But who can remember, she used to be a simple love to laugh little princess.