Cherish life, no wild mushrooms!

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At present, wild mushroom has entered the flourishing period of growth.Due to the variety of wild mushrooms, toxic and non-toxic difficult to distinguish, once ingesting poisonous mushrooms will endanger life.In order to prevent food poisoning caused by eating wild mushrooms and avoid similar incidents, xinhuang County Food safety Office reminds, for the health and safety of you and your family, please do not pick, do not trade, do not eat wild mushrooms.Prevention of wild mushroom poisoning please be sure to understand the following points: one, the folk identification of mushroom toxicity method is not reliable wild poisonous mushrooms mostly grow in mountainous areas, appearance and edible mushrooms are very similar, can not be identified by whether there are moths or patterns and other appearance.Two, poisonous mushroom has no special antidote poisonous mushroom toxic composition is complex, toxic performance is different.The toxin damages the liver, kidneys and other organs with a high mortality rate.At present, there is no specific treatment for poisonous mushroom poisoning.Three, China’s toxic mushroom species up to more than 400, toxicity complex and diverse, will cause different types of damage, the following is my province’s common wild poisonous mushroom.1. Main characteristics of grey pattern anemone: medium size fruiting body, 5~ 10cm, gray to dark gray, dark brown to nearly black, with dark filamentous hidden pattern on the surface.Stalks white to light gray, often covered with light brown scales, with rings near apex.Base subglobose, pessile.Toxicity: extremely toxic!Hunan province is the largest number of poisoning incidents, poisoning and death of the largest variety.From 1994 to 2019, more than 50 cases of poisoning occurred in Changsha (Liuyang, Wangcheng, Ningxiang), Xiangtan (Xiangtan, Shaoshan), Xiangyin and Taoyuan counties in Hunan province, resulting in over 400 people being poisoned and over 100 people dying.2. Main characteristics of schizoderm: small to medium fruit body, 5~8cm mushroom cap, pure white, sometimes the middle star beige, sometimes radiate crack edge, surface with fine villi.Stalks white, sometimes finely scaly with white, ring near apex.Fungicule base enlarged, fungicule shallow cup shape.Toxicity: extremely toxic!From 2014 to 2019, more than 10 cases of poisoning occurred in Changsha, Xiangtan, Yongzhou, Zhuzhou and other places, resulting in multiple poisoning and more than 10 deaths.3. The main characteristics of false light red anemone: medium size fruiting body, 5-8 cm mushroom cap, pure white, sometimes the central star is pink, the edge without furrows.Fungiculum white to dirty white, white scaly, ring near apex, base inflated with fungiculum, fungiculum shallow cup-shaped, white.Toxicity: extremely toxic!The main characteristics of the four galeria are as follows: small to medium fruit body, 2~6 cm, yellow brown, slightly depressed in the center with small mastoid process, the lid with obvious radiate furrows.The stalk is yellow at the top and darkens gradually downward, with a dark brown base.Toxicity: extremely toxic!In recent years, there have been several poisoning incidents in Liuyang, Xiangxi and Shaoyang, with two deaths.5. Main characteristics: medium to large fruiting body, 6 ~ 13 cm in diameter, concave in the center, umbilical shape, nearly funnel-shaped after extension, recurved edge, white to dirty white, often with light brown scales on the surface.The fungus flesh is thick, white and does not change color.The bacterial folds are very dense, nearly white, and do not change color when injured.Stalks white, short, 4 — 6 cm, solid.Toxicity: In 2009, a poisoning incident occurred in Zouma Street town, Shuangfeng County, Hunan Province, and 3 people were poisoned.The main characteristics of This mushroom are as follows: the lid is 3-6 cm in diameter, bell-shaped at the initial stage, flattened later, raised in the center, white, pink flesh color to pink brown, and brown scales arranged in concentric rings.Mycelia thin, white, bacterial fold, white to milky white, thinner, unequal length.Stipe 3~6 cm long, nearly cylindrical, with the same color as the cap, with scales below the ring;There is no obvious bacterial ring, only a membranous area like a bacterial ring.Toxicity: extremely toxic, containing amanita peptide, liver damage type.From 2018 to 2019, seven people were poisoned in four cases in Changsha, Zhuzhou and Shaoyang.7. Main characteristics: Medium to large fruiting body, 6~ 15cm mushroom cap, light gray, gray to gray brown, with dark filamentous cryptic pattern.Stalks white, often covered with white ciliate to powdery scales, often with rings near apex.Funicle base with pessile, shallow cup shape.Toxicity: toxic.Many cases of poisoning occurred in Chenzhou and other places.8. The main characteristics of Subxipleated pleulodes are as follows: medium to large fruiting body, 6 ~ 12 cm in diameter, medium length concave funnel shape after maturity, light gray to coal ash black on the surface of the lid, and often upturned after maturity, with no edge.Mushroom flesh white, easy to turn red and no longer black after injury, mushroom fold white, wound red, mushroom fold thick, slightly dense to slightly sparse, unequal length, brittle and fragile, straight.Stalk thick short, generally 5 ~ 9 cm, light gray, soft inside.Toxicity: Highly toxic, in recent years in Hunan, Hubei, Zhejiang, Guizhou, Yunnan, frequent poisoning incidents, resulting in 14 poisoning 88 people, 45 people died, mortality rate up to 51%.The bacteria and the common people often eat the red mushroom in other species such as sparse pleated red mushroom, dense pleated red mushroom is very similar, common people are called fire charcoal bacteria, it is difficult to distinguish them from the appearance of the shape!During spring outings, don’t pick wild mushrooms or mushrooms of unknown origin out of curiosity or for pleasure.Do not buy wild mushrooms from street vendors and markets, especially those you have never eaten or do not know. Do not buy wild mushrooms easily.To avoid similar poisoning incidents, families are advised to eat wild mushrooms carefully.Collective meals, catering services, folk tourism, do not process and eat wild mushrooms, to ensure the safety of food consumption.Source: the article The reason of food safety on the way forever, the party’s 19 big sounded the horn of “food safety strategy”, the new sway county take this opportunity to strictly implement the “four most strict” requirements, improve the “three system”, pay special attention to the “four project”, implementing “five action”, to make the people satisfied with the food safety county.Consolidate provincial food safety demonstration county, xinhuang food safety cause and beautiful Dong township grow together.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: