Xu Ma two into the Drum Tower court, netizens cheer for her!Citizen: Why do people support a flower?

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On February 18, the Drum Tower court next to The Temple of Bao Gong in Kaifeng city became the focus again. Xu Min was accompanied by lawyers and family members and entered the court for a meeting. Pan Ke, Li Sheng, Yao Dad, Xunyang Night talk and others always accompanied Xu Ma around.According to the on-site anchor, large pharmacies and Dufang also have personnel to attend the meeting.Before the meeting, some professionals analyzed that the case may be transferred to kaifeng Intermediate People’s Court. Some well-informed sources said that the biggest good news is that the investigation is still continuing, and the evidence on both sides is not sufficient.Xu Min attaches great importance to the meeting, find the truth of the main players all present, many days did not appear xu Dajiu returned to the middle of the net friends.Du Fang was not impressed by the meeting, du Fen binbin announced to retire the network, and said du Ma’s day soon.Du himself did not arrive in Kaifeng, but at home with his grandson, and broadcast a live broadcast at noon in a high-profile way, saying that he would fight the Internet abuse case to the end.The morning meeting ended around 12:30, the court gate gathered a lot of local people and anchors, see Xu Ma line out, shouted Xu Ma refuel, and watched them leave in turn by car.At the scene, some anchors prepared eggs for Lao Du, but they did not use them.Judging from xu ma’s expression as she walked out of the courthouse, some said she was solemn, others said she was happy, and others said that if the Xu family did not release official information, the result would be bad for them.In the afternoon, the meeting continued, some kind-hearted netizens insisted on waiting for Xu Ma to come out at the gate of the court.Kaifeng is chilly in February, and the water of Bao River is very clear.A female anchor randomly interviewed a local man and asked him what he thought of 28.’How can anyone support a flower?’ the man asked bluntly.The afternoon meeting lasted until about 18 o ‘clock, xu Ma came out of the scene people warm applause, enthusiastic net friends to the two lawyers said loudly, thank you Pan Law, thank Li Law.Yunhao protected Xu Ma safety on the car, and remind you not to disturb the good mother.Xu Ma took the car left, the scene of the masses reluctant to leave for a long time.According to the analysis of the host, the meeting is mainly to submit materials, and the results will not come out soon. Netizens who care about the truth need to wait patiently.28 years of life