The President of Argentina is bringing a football academy!

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In an interview with the Global Times, Argentine Ambassador to China Niu Wangdao said that against the backdrop of the global spread of COVID-19, the world hopes to see not only the success of individual athletes, but also the victory of unity and collectivism of all countries at the Beijing Winter Olympics.It is based on these concepts that Argentina opposes any politicization of the Winter Olympics, he said.Niu also revealed that during Argentine President Fernandez’s visit to China, the two countries will jointly announce the establishment of a football school, in which Argentine coaches and technicians will provide training for Chinese football players.Argentine ambassador cattle at tao told the global times last year on December 9, Argentina’s foreign ministry on its website home page published titled “firmly support Beijing Olympic winter games” statement, shows itself in contrast to the U.S. government’s position, and made it clear to Argentina “is the first one to support Beijing to host the winter games”.Niu told the Global Times in an exclusive interview that the Olympics should be an occasion for everyone to come together and for sportsmanship to dominate, so Argentina has supported the Beijing Winter Olympics from the very beginning and decided to send a delegation of the highest level.”The fact that Our President Fernandez came to attend the Winter Olympic Games in person shows that Argentina attaches great importance to China’s hosting of the Winter Olympic Games and attaches great importance to bilateral relations.”According to the Argentine diplomat, six Argentinian athletes will compete in four of the 15 sports at the Beijing Winter Olympics, including cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, luge and ice skating.He hopes the Argentine athletes will do well and the whole Winter Olympics will be a success.”Of course we expect the best from every Argentine athlete, but let me say it again, we are more interested in sportsmanship, in competing fairly with the whole world watching.A real victory for all nations is that we can come together in one place so that the world can see not only individual victories but also collectivist spirit.””He said.Niu said that from Argentina’s point of view, politicizing the Olympics is a very bad act, because it should be “an occasion for all nations to show solidarity and harmony.”He said some countries use democracy, human rights and other issues as “political chips” and adopt obvious double standards.”Some countries frequently use human rights, democracy and other issues, but they turn a blind eye to the problems of other countries.” Some countries have even failed to solve many of their own human rights and democracy problems.”So we have to be very careful not to politicize the Games.”What is the cooperation between China and Argentina in the field of winter sports?Argentina is one of the few South American countries with climate conditions to carry out winter sports and participate in the Winter Olympics, Niu told the Global Times. There are many ski resorts in the south of the country, which can not only be used by Argentina itself, but also other Latin American countries to carry out winter tourism and winter sports in these places.In the future, Argentina and China will also jointly build more winter sports infrastructure such as ski trails, which will not only boost the development of winter sports, but also aim to promote winter tourism, he said.In addition, during President Fernandez’s visit to China, Argentina and China will jointly announce the establishment of a football school, Argentine coaches and technicians will provide training for Chinese football players, and carry out intensive sports exchanges. “Sports cooperation will become the main content of future Cooperation between Argentina and China.”This is Fernandez’s first visit to China since she was elected Argentine President in 2019. It also comes at an important moment when the 50th anniversary of china-Argentina diplomatic ties is coming.Niu said that Not long ago, CELAC unanimously elected Argentina as its rotating chair. Celac has a special mechanism to promote cooperation with China, and Argentina will promote the overall cooperation between The Latin American region and China under this mechanism.The Argentine ambassador said Argentina and China, like many other Latin American countries, are highly complementary, so bilateral relations have developed rapidly in every sense over the past five decades.”The proof is that no matter how many times our government has gone through, the policy of ‘getting closer to China’ has not changed, and at every stage, the relationship with China has deepened.”Niu stressed the cooperation between Afghanistan and China in fighting the epidemic.”First of all, ON behalf of the Argentine government, I would like to thank China for its help and cooperation to the world and Argentina during the most difficult time of the epidemic,” he said. “This reminds me of a saying that it is only in times of difficulty that a true friend is shown.It is China that has been there when Argentina and other countries have faced difficulties.””In 2020, when the world was in urgent need of medical supplies, It was China who worked closely with us: China sent 46 flights of medical supplies, both donated and purchased,” the Argentine diplomat recalled.In addition, many goods arrived in Argentina by ship from China.In 2020, Argentina received about 1,500 tons of health supplies from China.These supplies have greatly helped our health system and we are deeply grateful for China’s cooperation with us during this difficult time.”He also said that China will work closely with Argentina on vaccines in 2021.”Not only has China been extremely responsible in managing the epidemic itself, but it has also been one of the most generous donors to other developing countries, especially in the area of vaccines.”Last year, Argentina received 30 million doses of the national medicine vaccine and 5 million doses of concino vaccine from China, which can be administered to 20 million Argentines and play a crucial role in the country’s national vaccination program, he said.At present, Argentina is cooperating with Sinopharm and other Chinese companies to produce Chinese COVID-19 vaccines locally.This article is written by Global Times editor lu Xiaochuan. Photo source: Xinhua News Agency Photo editor Cao Liyuan