South Korean athletes complain about food in Winter Olympics village?The Japanese reporter was surprised!

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Source: Japanese media: South Korea complained about the bad food in the winter Olympics village to surprise reporters, “Japanese athletes feel delicious” Beijing Winter Olympics is in full swing.South Korean athletes complained that the food at the Beijing Winter Olympics village was greasy and “not good”, but the comments surprised Japanese reporters, as Japanese athletes found it delicious, The Seoul News reported Wednesday night, citing Japanese media sources.”Only South Korean athletes criticized the food at the Beijing Olympic Games,” the Seoul News quoted Japanese media from Asahi Shimbun weekly AERA.The article, titled “Japanese media: ‘Only South Korean athletes criticize food at Beijing Winter Olympics’, said,” I was surprised to see reports that the South Korean delegation was dissatisfied with the food at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games’ Olympic village.The Japanese contestant’s reaction was yummy.There are no complaints from other countries.And this paragraph comes from the Japanese media reporter who reports on the scene of the Winter Olympics.AERA also quoted a Japanese athlete as saying, I don t complain about the food at the Village.The dishes are varied and delicious.To control our weight, we are careful not to eat too much.”Other than Japan, there have been few complaints about the food in the village, AERA said.AERA added that although everyone has different tastes, “Cooks in the Beijing Winter Olympics village will have mixed feelings (about Korea’s reaction).”A restaurant serving authentic Beijing roast Duck dishes at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games media Restaurant in Beijing, Capital of China, Jan. 18, 2022.The Dong-A Ilbo noted that some South Korean athletes had previously said that most of the food served in the canteen of the athletes’ village was greasy and not to The taste of South Koreans.Catering centers have been set up several times near the winter Olympic village to help athletes perform at their best.According to Yonhap News Agency, the Korea Sports Council said on Wednesday that a catering center for the Korean delegation to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be put into operation from Thursday.The catering center is only a 15-minute drive from the Beijing Winter Olympics Village.Fourteen people, including chefs from the Jincheon Athletes Village, will serve Korean lunch to the Korean delegation from July 4 to 17.The Korea Sports Council also opened a catering center at a hotel in Uraichi, Chiba Prefecture, during the Tokyo Summer Olympics last year.Japanese media reports also triggered discussions among Korean and Japanese netizens.Some Japanese netizens criticized the Restaurant, saying it is “not a high-end restaurant, but one that has no problems with safety and nutrition.”I don’t think it’ll come to that.If that were true, there would be critics in other countries.It’s not a fancy restaurant, as long as it’s safe and nutritionally sound.”Another netizen said, “Even if they think it’s good, people in this country (South Korea) will say that other cuisines are bad except their own.What a sad bunch of narrow-minded people.”↓ South Korean netizens are unhappy with the current performance of South Korean athletes ↓ “The South Korean delegation invested too much money, but the results are the bottom” (Jeong Lim Tae-woo, Gangnam Senior)