Solicitation | show “tianfu new era Dan”, looking forward to your participation!

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Hello, my friends!To play the positive role of culture in the rain, coming softly build chung chi lian ShangJie with immediate effect the social climate of sichuan province “510 (I’m lian) honest cultural awareness month” activities, “the new tianfu Dan” house rules family precepts letter soliciting activities for the entire province issued a solicitation for activity title in sichuan province, the first “510” honest cultural awareness month activity – “tianfu new eraDan “house rules family precepts award letter solicitation for setting the” top ten new era tianfu Dan “10 ($1500) who is 20 ($800) excellent organization (exquisite gift) activity process is divided into 20 solicitation, selection, displays three stages: collecting stage: from April 1st to April 24, the aggregation selection phase:From April 25th to April 27th, the organizing Committee will organize the jury team to evaluate the entries. Exhibition Stage:Since May selected excellent works, online display and offline display Chen collection of contents collection of family rules, family instructions, family letters, including love the party and the country, love and dedication, filial love and music, good parenting, thrift and self-improvement, honest and honest, Ming things know ritual, honesty and faithfulness, integrity and kindness, changing customs, poetry ritual family, etc..(I) Contents of family rules, family sayings and family letters: they can be family sayings, slang, and family sayings passed down from generation to generation, or they can be newly created and refined family rules, in the form of maxims, couplets, poems, epigrams, etc.Requirements: close to life, healthy, elegant words, concise language, distinctive features, profound connotation, catchy, easy to recite.(2) Forms of family rules, family instructions and family letters: paper family letters can be used to convey feelings and exchange ideas between family members and relatives, or electronic family letters can be used to highlight the characteristics of The Times and written on new network media platforms such as wechat, Weibo and email.The requirement content is true, the thought is healthy, the emotion is sincere, attract upward to be good.If the rules, instructions and letters are presented in physical form, including but not limited to the following: 1.Paper letters reflecting family traditions, screenshots of family letters written on the network new media platform and other items, family instructions and rules for writing records.2. All kinds of audio and video materials newly created since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to show excellent family traditions, family teachings and family rules.3. Newly created cultural works related to excellent family traditions and family rules since the 18th CPC National Congress, such as painting and calligraphy works, picture albums, books and periodicals, and various artworks, etc.4. Other items reflecting excellent family traditions and rules, such as ornaments, old household items, etc.(3) The copyright and use right of the submitted works shall be owned by sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision. The author shall not use or transfer the works in any form, and Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has the right to develop and modify the works.Participation mode ◆ Can be submitted independently by individuals, or by all units (enterprises) and other organizations.◆ Submit the family rules, family instructions and letters in kind will first send the relevant hd pictures and text instructions to the following mailbox:, after the selection will contact the physical submitted by telephone.Contact: Long Siyu Tel: (0838) 2305538 Look forward to your active participation!!Source: Clean Sichuan