Ningbo: Speed up the implementation of yinjiang Embankment renovation project to repair the embankment and guard the lights of thousands of families

2022-06-09 0 By

Zhejiang Daily news these days, cold rain bursts, can be located in Ningbo City Dongqiao Town Yin Jiang Dike six section, the project construction is still hot, hashu District water resources Bureau key office director Chen Songhao told reporters, “during the Spring Festival, the project is not ready to stop.”Last year, typhoon “fireworks” “Candu” have hit, haishu west piece continuous flooding.The Haishu District Committee and the district government comprehensively reviewed the causes of the disaster, accelerated the implementation of yinjiang Embankment renovation project, and planned to realize the complete closure of yinjiang embankment before the main flood season this year, so as to play a flood prevention role.The Yin River embankment renovation project was 16.9 kilometers long and divided into 8 construction bidding sections. Chen Had to keep an eye on the progress, control the quality, and ensure the safety of construction, keeping his feet on the ground.However, he is most concerned about the sixth section, “which will not only require the construction of a 1,273-meter-long dike, but also the construction of new upstream and downstream control gates, two new Bridges, irrigation pumping stations and other supporting facilities along the line. It will be the most expensive and difficult to construct.”The reason for all this trouble is to preserve an ancient bridge.Chen Songhao pointed to an ancient bridge across the river not far away, told reporters, “This is ningbo’s famous ancient building – Bailiang Bridge, if the direct widening of the river, will destroy the appearance of the ancient bridge, irreparable damage to cultural relics.”To this end, after the experts in a variety of arguments, the final decision: to retain the existing channel bailiang Bridge, in the bridge upstream and downstream set a gate, open two channels outside the gate.”It’s like creating an island in the middle of a waterway.When there is a flood, close two gates and direct the water through two channels.”According to the design plan, the second passage is 550 meters long and 80 meters wide, requiring the demolition of the surrounding villages of Huijiang, Bailiangqiao, Panluo, Shagang, a total of about 60,000 square meters of houses, involving more than 200 households.Dongqiao town wall map operation, inverted nodes, only with more than 1 months, to complete all the demolition task.As soon as demolition is over, engineering equipment and troops will be stationed immediately.The person in charge of the construction side introduced that, in order to gain time, the construction side also adjusted the traditional operation mode, adopted the method of parallel operation, divided the 1,273-meter dike into six operation areas, synchronous advance.Excavators open the soil, people stop equipment, 16.9 km long Yinjiang embankment is accelerating, in the near future to guard the lights of thousands of families.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: