Double section after the first final examination, the student’s answer paper and can not make people satisfied, teacher: very worried about the examination

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Since the country began to implement the double reduction policy, each school has begun to reform education, in addition to reduce the students make up lessons, but also increase the time of extracurricular activities, morning and afternoon have 30 minutes of outdoor activities, which can let our students happy bad.According to the policy of the Ministry of Education, primary and middle school students only have one lesson in math and Chinese every day, and all other subjects are normally attended. Especially, PE and music, which were not often attended before, are now available every week, and teachers are forbidden to leave too much homework.The first final examination after the double reduction, the student’s answer paper is not satisfactory, teacher: I am very worried that the middle school entrance examination distance to implement double reduction has passed half a semester, then the first final examination of the students how?See the students handed in the paper, the teacher is very worried, the students’ results are not ideal, especially mathematics, the paper topic has been very simple, but the students’ results are very low.After the double reduction, there are only six classes a week for mathematics, so students have not enough time in class. Teachers can only teach students new knowledge in class, and they are not hard to review and practice after class, relying on students’ independent learning.And after school homework teachers can not too much homework for students to do, which leads to the students basically do not review after class, students’ basic knowledge is not solid, this problem is the most serious among primary school students, because the self-control of primary school students is weak.Coupled with the absence of repeated practice and review in class, students’ grades naturally decline.After the double reduction, students have no time to brush questions before, and teachers’ class hours themselves are not enough. Basically, they teach new lessons every day, and students’ poor basic knowledge is understandable.Now the teachers are also more worried about the students and the college entrance examination two important tests, if the students with the present results and state to the teacher designated is not.Now the paper is clearly very simple, some math questions are even the original questions in the book, but the students still answer wrong.After the double reduction, how to balance the students’ learning time and bring up the grades? In fact, not only the teachers worry, but also students’ parents worry about the problem of students’ grades slipping.So after the double reduction, how should we balance students’ study time?Students have no extra time to review in class, so when they go home, parents should shoulder the responsibility of supervision.Home in the evening, parents should supervise students to review the knowledge learned that day, carefully finish homework, energetic parents can also help students preview the knowledge to learn the next day in, so that students can ensure that they can learn after class.Elementary school math is not too difficult, basically all parents can help students review, especially the arithmetic, the final exam of the class of 50 students, there were 30 people had a calculation error, this problem is very serious.This is obviously caused by the students not reviewing seriously after class. Now the students are still young, and it is still too late to correct the problems early.And the first examination after the double reduction, also sounded the alarm to the school and parents, students’ learning problems or can not be ignored.Even if it is double reduction, it is the responsibility of teachers and schools to make students not be left behind. During the school period, teachers will be more slow in class.Try to let all the students have time to think, and as parents must do after class supervision.Schools and parents work together to make students happy to learn, although not falling grades ShuangJian but can’t no matter student performance problems, and now the ShuangJian after implementation, extracurricular don’t have any classes, so parents also hope that the school can add a study hall, which makes the teachers help students consolidate the learned knowledge on the day.In this way, students can not only finish the homework easily, but also consolidate the knowledge they have learned, and students can work more efficiently as a whole class.Parents need to cooperate with our school teachers and observe students’ learning every day.And reduce the load can not blindly reduce the amount of homework, reduce the amount of homework will only make the foundation of the students worse, so the homework or have to have, the teacher can be based on the student’s situation, the right amount of exercise is not less.Although the exam math problem is more serious, but other subjects also more or less there are some problems, parents should take warning.Lay a good foundation for the young students is very important, especially the Chinese words, parents must test students, let them remember.The author’s message: although the double reduction is to reduce students’ burden, it can not delay students’ study at the same time. Therefore, the author also hopes that our education department and schools can pay attention to the follow-up problems and find suitable ways to improve students’ performance.Today’s topic: How do you think students’ grades are different after the double reduction?