Yueqing people, Spring Festival investigation time and location of drunk driving exposure!

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It is inevitable to drink a little wine in the days of happy reunion during the Spring Festival holiday, but drunk driving must be resolutely resisted, or else the tunnel collapses because of wine?!Call the police!Turned out to be a dream in the early morning of December 28, 2021 Zhu reported to the police that Pingyang Kunyang Town jiuhuangshan tunnel cave to collapse he dared not go in the past when the police arrived at the scene to know that the “tunnel to collapse” is from a dream zhu after investigation,On the evening of 27th, Zhu had dinner in Aojiang Wanda Plaza, drank and drove home after drinking. Due to the effect of alcohol, he had hallucination in the front section of Jiuhuangshan Tunnel. He believed that the tunnel would collapse and called the police.Zhu for suspected of dangerous driving crime was detained by the law ▲ Click to view video drinking will lead to people slow reaction slow action control vehicle ability to decline drunk driving once an accident painful price please don’t let “drunk driving” delayed reunion 2 a car four people, two drunk driving!Three accidents,Two escape late December 14, 2021, the alarm call themselves by other vehicles parked car scrape the traffic police arrived at the scene trouble-causing car is both Chen, wang said his car another person said that is driving car and a generation of people drunk in the car after investigation trouble-causing car driving in turn by Chen, Wang Erren XXL before the small hole in the head area three sections, center street road accident and fledYi wang in people’s Road section after scraping roadside vehicles Chen blood alcohol test results for 262mg/100ml Wang blood alcohol test results for 326mg/100ml two people to meet the drunk driving standards are currently suspected of dangerous driving crime was detained according to lawDuring the yueqing public security traffic police investigation of drunk driving non-stop for drunk driving behavior still take “zero tolerance” high pressure punishment now, the latest check of the time and place table with an open book test to be exact, the answer has been sent to the hand must be good “prepare for the test” “driving without drinking,Don’t drink and drive “drivers need to remember by heart you relatives and friends will always remind each other let us years later to see if anyone can” “t” I hope everyone out through oh sweet remind the driver to yourself, to family members refused to drink driving, please don’t take any chances, oh I wish you all have a peaceful Spring Festival source: wenzhou traffic police recommended reading & gt;& gt;Chinese New Year!Yueqing people on the tip of the tongue, how many kinds of your home?
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