Why don’t the Swedes use sandbags to fight floods?Red plastic sheets as thin as paper?Long to see

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A red plastic board that looks as thin as paper has been invented in Sweden to fight floods.How did it resist the flood?The red plastic panels, called NOVQ Boxwall, are made of ABS and have two raised tubes on each panel to disperse the impact of water.The L-shaped flood board not only looks like a bookshelf on the outside, but also works in the same way as a bookshelf.When the flood comes, use the weight of water to press down on the lower part of the flood plate, the more water, the stronger the pressure.In addition, under the board, and the ground contact place, there is a layer of rubber stickers, but also increase the friction and the ground, prevent the flood plate sliding, it is firmly fixed on the ground.Each plate is half a meter high, and if the height of the flood exceeds the plate, it will overflow the plate.But even then, the panels don’t fall, because each panel has a latch on the edge that holds them together.In the event of a flood, flood control workers can quickly put them together, and two people can build a 100-meter wall in half an hour.At the same time, in order to prevent obstacles and other problems on the road, the flood plate also designed different fan, splicing together can be surrounded by different circles.Even if it is on the road, there is a white matching board to transition.When not in use, the panels can be stacked on top of each other like plastic stools and take up less space.Since the flood board is so easy to use, why is our country still using sandbags, but not this flood board?Sweden rarely has typhoon weather, their floods are generally waterlogged, this flood plate is mostly used for flat concrete ground, too strong limitations.In China, floods occur in mountainous areas and rural areas, where there is much land and rugged terrain. Therefore, sandbags are still used in most flood fighting periods in China.So why are sandbags used to fight floods?In fact, flood control sandbags are not backward, after people’s continuous practice, verified the practicality of sandbags.Use sandbags to fight floods, mainly by placing sandbags like bricklaying or crossing them in a herringbone shape.So when the flood hits the sandbags, the water seeps into them, filling the Spaces between the sand.When the water is affected by attraction and surface tension, it temporarily sticks to the sand.At this point, the sand can form a whole interlocking with each other, thus playing the role of flood resistance.They were also used when Germany was hit by floods in 2013 and were initially helpful.But the flood was so violent that it soon overwhelmed the barrier, and then the barrier was too strong to hold back.Germany also borrowed sandbags from neighboring countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands in case of emergency.In addition, the cost of these flood barriers is also very high. There are similar flood barriers in China, but we call them flood gates.Due to its limitations, it has only been used in Harbin, Wuhan and Ningbo.